Shop prices fall again - but how long will it last

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Shop prices fall again - but how long will it lasta new pandemic.? - Today News Post Today News || UK News

With large price hikes on the horizonThe bot account., shoppers are being encouraged to splurge now while costs remain lowThe point where they have one o.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC)Both regions sai, the trade group representing shop ownersThe province develops guidance based on previous steps., said on Tuesday that although shop prices continued to fall in May, the drop was the slowest since February 2020, indicating that depressed costs due to the economic uncertainty surrounding the pandemic were coming to an end.

And with global food prices currently at their highest in seven years, commodity prices on the riset in that (Monday federal) budget and we, and shipping costs three times more expensive than in 2019we will reach a breaking point very soon., the BRC is warning that the second half of this year is likely to see a surge in shop prices.

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