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Time Warner CTO talks about smart office and wants to change jobs after listening

in this era when you need to ask whether there is Wi Fi before entering a restaurant, the importance of wireless network to life is self-evident. Wireless network is quietly and dramatically changing our life and work. So, what should an ideal office environment look like if wi-f promotes the rapid growth of new production modes and emerging formats

if you want to know the answer, you have to ask Aruba atmosphere Conference! At every atmosphere conference, Aruba will invite many IT executives to gather together to exchange the latest experience in terms of Wi Fi experience, business perspective, resource utilization and so on. Every industry sharing brought by the celebrities is a valuable inspiration

don't believe it? Looking at the atmosphere conference held in Nashville this year, James Robertson, CTO of Time Warner, came to the scene to share his own experience and experience from abs/pet alloy, and introduced you to a wireless intelligent office space of Time Warner, a global media and entertainment giant

free office experience requires ubiquitous Wi Fi

as keerti melkote, senior vice president and general manager of Aruba, said at the meeting, office space has become an extension of corporate brand image. The new headquarters building of Time Warner is located in Hudson square in midtown Manhattan. This smart office with a strong sense of technology has attracted many excellent employees for Time Warner

in order to create an open collaborative office space and more effectively stimulate employees' creative inspiration and work enthusiasm, Time Warner has built a high-density Wi Fi network for the office. According to James, an AP will be deployed every 74 square meters of office space on average to ensure that employees use Wi Fi to transmit 4K videos without pressure. In addition, Time Warner abandoned the huge data center and chose to store and calculate through the cloud, so that employees can get more spacious office space

intelligent office space naturally brings intelligent office methods. A high-energy and powerful Wi Fi network enables Time Warner employees to play freely. They can create anywhere in the office. The comfortable sofa in the lounge, the comfortable coffee room, or a small corner that inspires inspiration can become their office place. Many excellent works like Harry Potter and the big bang were born in this way

optimize it costs and realize office IOT

for enterprises, the infrastructure construction of office space, from physical architecture to technical support, is a huge and miscellaneous cost. According to James, Time Warner is committed to an intelligent and convenient office environment, and will continue to develop in the direction of IOT and AI in the future. A flexible wireless network architecture allows time warner to freely add new intelligent devices without complex network laying, which saves a lot of labor costs, copper wire material costs, etc., and effectively saves expenses in network construction

at present, Time Warner has initially built the IOT of office space. In Time Warner's office, the intelligent system can identify employees through the equipment carried by employees and ble (Bluetooth low Jinan experimental machine factory fire door experimental machine supporting equipment energy), so as to recommend relevant information; Meeting rooms can be reasonably allocated according to the number of participants to avoid waste of resources; It can also control the lighting and other infrastructure of the building according to the access of personnel to achieve energy conservation

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