The hottest tinwood should inject stronger impetus

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On the afternoon of April 18, Xu Jie, deputy secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Liangxi district Party committee, Qin Yongxin, district head, Li Ping, deputy district head, and relevant municipal senior leaders came to Xichai to investigate. Qian Hengrong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the factory, and Xu Haigen, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Xichai factory, Youzhiqing, deputy chief economist, and other leaders warmly received the request that the production unit be able to adapt to new requirements, new materials and new technologies in a short time and stayed with Secretary Xu Jie and his party. Liangxi District of Wuxi City was merged from the original three districts of Chong'an, Nanchang and Beitang. As the first Secretary of the district Party committee after the integration of the three districts, the structural capacity is generally 1000 lb. Xu Jie came to Xichai for investigation this time, and went deep into enterprises to find ideas for revitalizing the industrial economy and accelerating the transformation and development of Liangxi district. In the first meeting room of the factory, the leaders of Liangxi district and Xichai had in-depth exchanges on the future development of Liangxi district and the role of Xichai in promoting local economy. Qian Hengrong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Xichai, reported to Xu Jie and his party the main achievements made by the factory during the 12th Five Year Plan period from five aspects: remarkable achievements in transformation and development, formation of the layout of four bases, brand influence on domestic popularity, individual leadership in technological innovation, and industry leadership in quality level, from product optimization From three aspects of quality optimization and management optimization, it is analyzed that under the severe market situation, Xichai has achieved the development of "double harvest" in quality and efficiency. The original clean and efficient energy-saving granulator is the terminator of waste plastics (clean after each experiment); Therefore, the production and operation situation in the first quarter of this year and the development plan of the 13th five year plan were introduced

Secretary Xu Jie spoke highly of Xichai's initiative to adapt to the new normal and strive to open up a new situation. In the first quarter of this year, under the severe market situation, it created a substantial year-on-year growth in production and sales, and made outstanding contributions to the industrial development of Wuxi. He hoped that as the mainstay of Wuxi's manufacturing industry, Xichai would continue to play a good benchmarking role and inject stronger impetus into the economic development of Wuxi City and Liangxi district with higher development efficiency and quality

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