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According to the report of the two sessions of the times, Liu ruopung: build an artificial intelligence coverage network in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area

China economic news (Liu Hui). The outline of the development planning of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area proposes that in order to achieve the strategic positioning of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area to build a dynamic world-class urban agglomeration and an international sweeping method with global influence: clean the pendulum bearings, toothed rods, pointers, and wire wheel scientific and technological innovation center, it is necessary to speed up the interconnection of infrastructure, In particular, we will optimize and improve information infrastructure, build smart city clusters, and promote the pilot demonstration of new smart cities and the construction of the Pearl River Delta national big data comprehensive pilot zone

Liu ruopung, a deputy to the National People's Congress, President of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of higher technology and chairman of Guangqi technology, told the China economic times that at present, the application of artificial intelligence coverage network has achieved practical results. As one of the participation programs of key urban anti-terrorism projects supported by the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of science and technology, it covers a large area of about 400000 square meters in Shanghai's pan thebund area, realizing real-time and efficient tracking and operation of the whole area and goals. As the first dynamic digital intelligent coverage network in the industry, it assisted the public security in cracking down on gray gangs through high-quality big data operation, and assisted the public security in arresting criminals who had been at large for many years during the China International Fair in Shanghai. Chongqing has applied for the national development and Reform Commission benchmarking demonstration project, which provides rock level security services for the three night security and Spring Festival security of Chongqing Jiefangbei through flow statistics and prediction, efficient calculation of multi-level prevention and control, and real-time command and combat interaction

Liu ruopung suggested that in order to realize the strategic positioning of building a dynamic world-class urban agglomeration and an international scientific and technological innovation center with global influence, we can build an artificial intelligence coverage network, a new generation of information infrastructure and an artificial intelligence coverage network in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area

according to the introduction, the core technology of AI coverage solves the three key technologies and core problems of large-scale global coverage, real-time concurrency of massive dynamic targets, coverage per unit area and substantial reduction of concurrency costs, and evolves the application of existing AI technology from pattern recognition to the coverage technology of global senseless authentication, massive target tracking and high-quality big data operation. This evolution can make a significant contribution to this utilization field, which is analogous to the process from fixed to mobile communication coverage, and from mobile communication to mobile Internet services. It is the general trend of building a high-quality digital world in the intelligent era

intelligent coverage realizes the high-quality and high-precision real-time restoration of the physical world through the digitization of massive dynamic targets. The real-time dynamic event space-time big data formed is high-quality and high-precision big data, which can be directly applied to public security, traffic management, urban management, green space management, education, finance, medical treatment, commerce, civil service and many other fields to improve the efficiency of social governance and industry operations

Liu ruopung suggested that four centers of artificial intelligence coverage technology should be built to realize continuous innovation in the civil field and explore the commercial network applications of artificial intelligence coverage. The first is the nano friction and wear experimental machine of artificial intelligence coverage data center. Modeling, archiving and effective management of accurate big data generated by dynamic target activities covered by the intelligent coverage network, as the core foundation of the new generation of intelligent city governance

second, artificial intelligence covers the computing center. The computing center mainly completes the high-efficiency intelligent sensing computing and high concurrent intelligent tracking computing capabilities involved in the artificial intelligence coverage network, and is oriented to the future sustainable development and innovation. Continuous improvement automatically realizes the detection of dynamic target objects within the coverage of artificial intelligence, especially human centered objects, and locates each target

third, artificial intelligence covers the network operation center. As the core symbol of Smart City 4.0, it aims to build a new generation of smart city infrastructure with large-scale artificial intelligence coverage in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area, and forms the ability to accurately depict the city's dynamic goals based on real-time dynamic tracking ability and the construction of city level dynamic big data perception system. The operation center will mainly build photoelectric radar station planning and optimization capabilities, which are not 10000 capabilities, computer software and hardware system integration capabilities, data processing and storage service capabilities, data development and operation service capabilities, information security technology development and service capabilities, etc

fourth, the artificial intelligence coverage network business center. In order to support the construction and operation of artificial intelligence coverage network in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and greater Bay, and explore the commercial network application of artificial intelligence coverage, the commercial center mainly provides solutions and continuous innovation in the core areas of urban infrastructure co construction and sharing, intelligent commerce and trading, blockchain technology, people's livelihood applications and so on

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