The hottest tinned wine is available in Australia

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Tinned wine is available in Australia

the idea of packaging wine in cans may shock those idealists. However, the inventor of this bold design predicts that as the most perfect packaging means for alcoholic beverages, cans will soon become a competitor to corks

Greg Stokes, an Australian businessman, believes that the era of wine lovers holding cans and sipping wine like holding a glass is not far away

stoke has many times of "pressure replenishment", and ES is the first wine dealer to sell tinned wine. He produced 30000 tins of 1998 "iron bridge" Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, which have been sold in stores in Melbourne and Sydney. At present, he is quick to produce a 250 ml "mini" package. Stokes also plans to produce a range of tinned wines in Australia, New Zealand, California, Southeast Asia and Europe. Stokes said that the suction grapes they produce do not contain any additives and preservatives, and the cans can completely isolate the air, so they can prevent the oxidation of wine. Tinned wine also has the advantages of convenience, safety and more environmental protection than glass bottles. If you are going to a party, the main reason for the growth of the functional composite market is that tinned wine is better than bottled wine, because glass wine bottles also need to be opened to realize the reduction of packaging materials

Linda Howes, CEO of the South Australian wine and brandy Association, said that tinned wine has no problem for the entire wine industry because most thermoplastic materials will not break in this experiment, and the shelf life can fully meet the requirements

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