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Solid foundation and open source, AMR stock market era

solid foundation and open source, AMR stock market era| AMR 2020 series reports (I)

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the stock era of the automotive aftermarket is coming

if we say that the competition in the incremental market is that you follow your path, and I follow my single wooden bridge, everyone has a share, but the meat is different from the soup; Then the fight in the stock market is a life and death struggle. It is to stick to the medium term and hope to be reborn after the reshuffle. In this game of life and death, the automobile maintenance equipment industry, commonly known as "selling iron", is the first to suffer

in this situation, after 36 years of trials and tribulations, AMR Beijing International Auto Parts Exhibition, which plays an important role in promoting the development and expansion of China auto maintenance and moving towards the world, should also shoulder the mission, forge ahead and make a difference for participating enterprises and industry colleagues to break through the stock market in such a period of shock and transformation of the industry

up to now, the registered enterprises have reached 90% of the total planned area, and the confirmation of booth and registration consultation are in full swing. In the shock transition period of the industry, why do many automobile maintenance brand enterprises still choose and trust AMR

focus on the development trend of the industry and create a new characteristic exhibition area

amr 2020 exhibition area planning will be further subdivided and optimized. The exhibition hall will plan different product sectors according to the properties of exhibits, so as to highlight the cutting-edge products and services of different sectors, and provide buyers and exhibitors with a more efficient and accurate matching experience

the division of traditional automobile maintenance plate is more clear, which is in line with the buyer's buying habits, and presents the audience with a special area for machine repair, sheet metal spraying, wheel maintenance, maintenance and cleaning, detection and diagnosis, and maintenance tools

the new category sector continues to expand. If it is connected to the wrong scale, efforts should be made to create new special areas, including lubricant area, commercial vehicle area, beauty washing area, modification area and spare parts hall

the degree of internationalization has soared, capturing and sharing global business opportunities. Despite the tariff problem, foreign trade orders are still a lifesaver for manufacturing enterprises in adversity. Relying on the abundant resources of Messe Frankfurt in the world, AMR 2020 will reach a new level of internationalization and cutting-edge, and the number of overseas exhibitors will expand to more than 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm 0.1nm 100, including many national and regional exhibition groups:

the German exhibition group made its debut last year and achieved great success. In 2020, it will return to overweight, and the exhibition area will exceed 300 square meters. The exhibition group, together with more than 30 German enterprises and brands, brought the latest German auto parts technology and products to the audience

Malaysian National Exhibition Group and dealer buyer group will be presented at the same time in AMR 2020

the exhibition area of the exhibition group in Taiwan, China increased by 200%

many other international brands from France, Finland, the Netherlands, Greece, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries will also participate in the presence

invite new faces and promote new business opportunities

the degree of internationalization will be reflected not only in overseas exhibitors, but also in many overseas audience resources. AMR 2020 will strongly invite new professional buyers from countries and regions along the the Belt and Road to visit

amr 2020 will welcome buyers from the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Pakistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan for the first time, and plans to hold a number of B2B matchmaking meetings during the AMR 2020 Exhibition for precise docking

amr 2020 will continue to refine its business docking plan, recruit more and more accurate international buyers, and create more overseas business opportunities for exhibitors

open up the industrial chain and collect new channels

amr 2020's domestic audience organization will be more diversified and accurate. Combined with the new division of exhibition areas, it will enhance the interactive effect of new categories, new exhibitors and new visitors on traditional auto insurance and new category exhibitors, and substantially improve the exhibition effect

amr 2020 will be driven by organized groups and high-quality simultaneous activities to lock in high-quality cross channel centralized purchase new buyers to visit and purchase. The production and dealers of lubricants and tires with large and high-frequency trade relations with auto service terminals will play a new role in AMR 2020

amr 2020 exhibition site is worth looking forward to the "Northwest day" activity of China's automotive aftermarket. More than 300 powerful dealers and buyers from the northwest region will visit. At that time, a special northwest dealer forum and supply and demand docking activities will also be held to allow exhibitors to have targeted communication and exchanges with Northwest dealers

cross border cooperation is a new chapter, and the new theme activities are the most expected.

cross border marketing is a diversified option and supplement of enterprise marketing means, and its role is more prominent in the competition in the stock market. AMR 2020 will create more than 30 heavy simultaneous activities to offer a feast of cross-border integration for colleagues in the industry. AMR 2020 realizes close cooperation with high-quality platform resources, and high-quality new cross-border cooperation will break through the fence and collide with bright sparks

the release and award ceremony of the second "China's influence" China's auto maintenance industry chain brand list

2020 "terminal rise" thousand people conference

lubtop 2019 general evaluation list announcement and award ceremony

China's commercial vehicle aftermarket thousand people annual conference

tire Marketing Summit Forum

national auto parts dealer conference

the finals of the Fifth China Auto diagnostician competition

China's auto aftermarket "Northwest day" Special event

docking and exchange meeting of production and education integration

China automobile washing beauty decoration competition in the production of film and plastic packaging bags

AMR 2020 cross border integration dinner of China's automotive aftermarket

more highlights continue to be updated, coming one after another! Please pay attention to the continuous official reports of AMR 2020. On March, 2020, AMR 2020 will make an appointment with you at the Beijing new national exhibition to work together and draw a blueprint again

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