The hottest time to say goodbye to the paper media

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Is the time to say goodbye to the paper media coming

topic 1: Farewell to the era of huge profits

recently, jeffbezos, CEO of Amazon, bought the newspaper business of the Washington Post company, including the Washington Post, for $250million in his personal capacity. An enterprise selling e-readers bought all of a newspaper, which is quite symbolic and reminiscent of the declining days of the paper media era

in fact, @ Li mi mili told us that Bezos said in an interview with German newspapers last year: no one will pay in 20 years, and this approval to prepare for the establishment of the national engineering laboratory is a full recognition of Wanhua's ability in surface material research, integrating and converging innovative resources, and improving the combination of industry, University, research and application. If you read it on the Internet, the printed newspapers will also disappear, There are only two series of universal material testing machines commonly used in the market at present, and high-end hotels will retain newspapers as a luxury service. And @ Liu Ge found that the station and bookstore had to rent out half of the area to sell food. He estimated that the last printing plant in the world would be closed in China in 10 years. Our generation will be lucky to be the last generation of paper readers in the world. This rather sad speech seems not to be for the media, but for the printing press facing the pressure of survival

@ printing entrepreneurs list an amazing data. Each printing enterprise in China guarantees that the extrusion volume is linear with the speed of the gear pump, and the average annual profit is less than 700000 yuan. In 2012, China's printing industry achieved a total output value of 951.013 billion yuan, with 104400 printing enterprises and 3.4413 million employees nationwide. The average annual output value of national printing enterprises was 9.11 million yuan, the profit was 694000 yuan, and the per capita output value was 276000 yuan. For example, Huang Xiaolan, the manager of Shenzhen Golden Times Packaging Co., Ltd., believes that the printing market in South China has fallen by about 30% this year. Originally, he wanted to print, but now he has turned to suicide printing

according to the 2013 top 100 list of Chinese printing enterprises just released, @ Huicong printing analysis believes that 2012 is not a promising year for China's printing industry. The previous inference about the threshold of the new list of the top 100 list of Chinese printing enterprises is that the optimistic view is slightly increased, and the slightly pessimistic view is that it has decreased. Therefore, the new threshold of 355 million yuan did not exceed the general expectation of the industry

@ a printing entrepreneur mentioned that, on the one hand, the printing price has not increased in the past 20 years, and most enterprises barely maintain their poor operation. On the other hand, some enterprises are still reducing prices to provide strong support. This makes people outside the industry can't understand the printing industry. The price has remained unchanged for 20 years, and the price can be reduced to receive orders. It seems that this industry made a lot of money in those years@ Rainbow Paradise proves the fact of huge profits before. Ten years ago, the price of 40-50 yuan per color had to wait in line for printing. Now prices are rising so much that the price of 8.5 yuan per color dared to accept. At that time, it was pure huge profits

farewell to the era of huge profits, the biggest problem facing the printing industry is overcapacity@ Texuan said that the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta has begun to have overcapacity after more than 20 years of development. The competition of printing enterprises has developed from technology, equipment and quality to rebates and alcohol consumption. Some small enterprises develop their business basically by drinking alcohol and taking advantage of their own bodies. After years of hard work, the money they earn has been invested in equipment, and has become the fate of working for equipment manufacturers. This is not a Chinese phenomenon, @ keyin printing reports that the printing industry is an important part of the global economy and is affected by many key factors, including global overcapacity, economic fluctuations, rising costs of materials and energy, new technological changes, environmental problems, etc. In the medium and short term, some printing enterprises will reduce production capacity through mergers and acquisitions or alliances, and some enterprises will be eliminated in the reshuffle

topic 2: say goodbye to paper books

printing has always had a high social status in history, because the industry that specializes in cultural books naturally belongs to the cultural circle. You see, a book gives printing a cultural flavor. No wonder the ancients used to bathe and burn incense when reading, not to mention the source of books. A few years ago, Amazon, the world's largest online bookstore, unveiled the first year of the e-book era with an e-book reader called Kindle. The reading experience of this extremely light e-book reader is so excellent that people's tablet machine is improved on the basis of MP ⑵ according to the requirements of users. A new product can plug a library into an e-reader, but when you quietly look at the text with the Kindle, Are you aware that this may be a farewell ceremony to the book

do you like reading? Come, let's feel the artistic conception of @ eight pineapples: printed books, baked Madeleine cakes and whisky poured into the glass. What kind of taste is that? Oh, it's a taste that is not only carefully made and tasted, but also not exaggerated@ Chen Ming described the beautiful birth of a Book: when readers get the book, they intuitively feel that the book belongs to the author. In fact, in addition to writing, color matching, printing, printing, folding, sewing, cover, lamination, cutting, packaging, logistics, shelves, some of these links also need to be completed manually. From creativity to finished products, books are the relay of countless hands. Someone is in front of the book case, someone is in the roaring workshop of the machine, everyone is paying, and every stick is very important! Reading is an elegant and civilized behavior

do we have to say goodbye to books after all@ Li Dehui said: he has always been a firm supporter of science and technology. He believes that all traditional media will die out or transform, but paper books always feel irreplaceable. But recently, calm down and gradually accept the fact that books will slowly die out. The feeling of holding the book in your hand, the texture of the paper, and the printing smell will not be a problem. Yes, if obtaining information is the purpose, the means and ways are really not important. In the final analysis, electronic reading and online publishing are a convenience for map reading. The disappearance of books is only a transformation of reading forms@ For example, the British encyclopedia stopped printing paper encyclopedias, because part of the sales accounted for only 1% of all business sales. When the whole industry is being reshaped and rebuilt, we should recognize what is the key to endow the enterprise with integrity, quality characteristics and identifiability. Recognizing this, it is possible to let go to change other things. You see, even books are abandoning books, but change is not a bad thing, is it

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