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Temeng tree moving machine fills the gap in the mechanical seedling transplanting industry in Xinjiang

Temeng tree moving machine fills the gap in the mechanical seedling transplanting industry in Xinjiang

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on April 10, Jimsar County introduced the seedling tree digging machine for the first time, filling the gap in the mechanical tree digging and tree moving in Xinjiang. The tree digging efficiency of the tree digger is times higher than that of manual work. It can complete the movement of a CM tree in an average minute. It can not only improve productivity, replace manual high-intensity labor, improve the survival rate of tree moving, but also greatly reduce the cost of tree moving

in the morning of that day, the author saw a small seedling wheel hydraulic tree digger in the green belt in the west of Haihong gas in the west of S303 county seat and in the east of qianfodong intersection. A small tree with a diameter of less than 8 cm was stripped of its roots and the soil around the ground by this small machine in less than 3 minutes, and the loader arm was raised, and the tree digger was raised together, Together with the trees with earth balls, they were brought out of the ground by the closed shovel. Such a small seedling digging and transplanting machine can play such a big role

sunkai, acting general manager of Hengte heavy industry in Xinjiang, said: "The diameter of the earth ball dug by the tree digger is 800 mm, and the depth is 700 mm, which is equivalent to the working efficiency of 20 to 30 people. The effective straightness of its tree is the most direct, simple and economical method. The diameter at breast height is 15 cm, that is, 150 mm. If the tree digger only uses the existing resources of the group, the power is 42 kW, and its driving speed is 38 km, which greatly saves labor and improves working efficiency."

Ma Xingwen, 45, is the person in charge of the wucaimingxuan seedling base in the county. There are more than 2000 mu of seedlings. Now it is the spring planting season. At this time of year, tree digging labor is among people, and the labor cost of tree digging alone every day is more than 10000 yuan. Through today's observation, he decided to buy this seedling digging machine. He said that if this machine could dig a seedling in five minutes, he would not need to hire too many people and could save more than 7000 yuan a day

it is understood that jimusar county will focus on five key projects in 2015, including farmland shelter forest construction, road forest construction, village greening, seedlings and flowers, and forestry. It plans to complete 28500 mu of various forestry tasks, including 5000 mu of farmland shelter forest; 2500 mu of economic forest is planned to be completed; 1500 mu of seedlings and flowers; 19500 mu of other afforestation plans have been completed, and 13750 mu of desert afforestation plans have been completed

Yue Xi, director of jimusar County Forestry Bureau, said: "So far in our county, our seedling area has reached more than 30000 mu, and the number of cooperatives and enterprises engaged in seedling production has reached 34. We are mainly elm here, and the elm roots are relatively soft. At that time, we were worried that the shovel of the tree digger would continue to shovel. Originally, their design was 6 mm. This is our thickening, thickening to 8 mm. In a country that is afraid that the tree digger can't cut in, the pressure is also carrying out business transformation or It was upgraded and customized for us, so we had a look at it on site, and there was no problem at all. We had done experiments. "

in order to solve the weak links of mechanization in key areas, forest and fruit industry machines and tools are taken as the focus of introduction and promotion. The County Agricultural Machinery Bureau and the forestry bureau began their multi-party investigation last year, and finally targeted the Timeng tree digger produced by Shandong Dezhou Hengzhi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

"there is a great difference between manual and tree digger. It takes one hour to dig a tree with a breast height diameter of less than 15 cm, while the time for Forestry Tree digger to dig a tree is about 5 minutes. This is a weak link for forestry machinery in the seedling excavation of our county, and this technology is also a blank in Xinjiang." Fu Jianhua, director of jimusar County Agricultural Machinery Bureau, said

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