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Digital printing trend baccalais is constantly adapting to market changes

digital printing is obviously a development trend, but no matter which machine must face a common trend change. The challenge reflected in reality is that customers' orders are getting smaller and smaller, and customization requirements are getting higher and higher. Digital printing is the best response to this change

baccalais (BR) has been in the global market of the printing industry for many years. The industry accounts for 14% of the business within br. It has many cooperation with many top printing and post press processing enterprises in Europe. At first, it was a large number of applications of PCC. Then, after the development and maturity of acopos series driving technology in the 1990s, the business scope was greatly extended to motion control. After 2000, with the large-scale rise of shaftless transmission technology, it also ushered in a higher industry growth. After 2009, the rise of digital printing also brought a new business test project of baccalais: changing the growth point of performance experiment

after years of development, the printing machinery models applying the baccalais scheme have covered the whole printing industry. Our integrated color register library, tension library, temperature regulation, direct color code detection technology, electronic cam cutting, etc. have been widely used

only open systems have the best connection ability, because free hardware also includes open interfaces of software, which is composed of several abilities: first, open systems must have the best pipeline integration ability, otherwise hardware or software bottlenecks of various control systems will occur, affecting the system's connection ability. Secondly, intellectualization includes software modular design capability, parameter identification, process parameter self-tuning capability, and intelligent maintenance technology, which are the technical basis of machine intellectualization. For the realization of any machine design, a suitable solution can always be found in the platform software library of baccalais

automationstudio is the integrated engineering platform of the whole system. It can complete modular software function design, simulation modeling, project organization and management. Improving code reusability is the core of our modular design. It makes the machine more flexible, intelligent and efficient

digital technology includes digital driving technology and digital network. Although the hardware and software of baccalais are first-class in performance and function, baccalais' business model is based on the scheme and does not emphasize the advantages of the product itself. The core advantage of baccalais is to provide customers with more advantageous system solutions

demand is the core issue. We have established a partnership with customers to cooperate with each other and face market competition together. Through in-depth communication, we seek personalization in terms of performance, function, price, and even small skills in detail to screen design, so that customers can design machines that are ahead of their peers. In this way, the advantages of baccalais can be reflected

why are different enterprises using the same hardware so different? This proves that hardware is not the core of the problem, but software. The special requirement is to solve the problem. For example, in order to reduce the test cost and shorten the machine design cycle, we have developed the integration of matlab/simulink automatically generated code into automationstudio, so that the simulation generated code can run directly in PLC; In order to reduce the time-consuming of the project, EPLAN is integrated into the automationstudio development platform. We have spent many years developing an integrated chromaticity solution, which replaces the traditional third-party chromaticity system, and can save 40% for customers. Desktop testing accounts for the majority of small and fragmented test pieces; Finally, in terms of display cost, the real-time Ethernet Powerlink provides reliable transmission guarantee for high-speed shaft synchronization, while the tension control library controls different printing reels

whether it is electronic transmission, it should be appropriately modified according to the actual situation. Precession technology, electronic cam cutting, modular software, equipment interconnection, application of robot palletizing, XML technology, PDF, etc. all revolve around providing a more flexible production system to adapt to the changing HA as shore a hardness Customized customer needs

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