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Digital printing technology is coming, HP Epson and other foreign enterprises play a leading role

digital printing originated in Europe and America. At present, the leading manufacturers in the global market are also European and American manufacturers, and the label printing market is no exception. At chinaprint2013 exhibition, a number of overseas manufacturers participating in the exhibition exhibited label digital printing machines, of which HP and Epson were the two most concerned

Hewlett Packard is a leading manufacturer of digital printing technology. At chinaprint2013 exhibition, the challenge of Hewlett Packard is how to control the surface chemical properties of these 2D sheets. The booth is also one of the largest. HP can provide many digital printing systems. In order to facilitate the visit, HP divides the booth according to different application fields, and label printing is one of them. The two web digital printers hpindigows4600/ws6600 are the key label printing digital printers exhibited by HP in this exhibition. What are the functional features of hpindigo digital casting aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine on the search page of Taobao shopping? In fact, there is no need to go into details about the progressiveness and performance of the HP label printing machine, but just looking at the tens of thousands of visitors to the HP label digital printing machine during the exhibition is enough to illustrate everything

at chinaprint2013, another digital label printer that attracted attention was surepressl-4033aw from Epson. The first important appearance of this product just released this year was at chinaprint2013, which shows that Epson attaches importance to China's label market

as we all know, Epson dominates the printing industry from digital proofing. Epson surepressl-4033aw label digital printer also inherits Epson's consistent excellent printing quality. It uses 7-color ink for printing, so Epson's digital printing quality is difficult for other manufacturers to surpass

HP and Epson, one of which adopts electronic ink technology and the other adopts ink-jet printer technology, have different advantages, but they have received the same attention. Perhaps this also implies that the two mainstream technologies of digital printing, static electricity and ink-jet, will coexist for a long time

however, because chinaprint2013 is not a special exhibition in the field of label printing, some well-known digital printing manufacturers in the field of label printing, such as Saikang and dowster, did not participate in the exhibition. Other digital printing manufacturers, including Fuji Xerox, Kodak, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, did not focus on label printing, Therefore, the achievements of foreign digital printing manufacturers in the field of label printing may have to wait until the real label printing exhibition

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