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Digital printing ushers in an era of accelerated development (3)

current situation and problems of domestic digital printing applications

although digital printing is applied in various fields in China, such as finance, telecommunications, insurance, publishing, packaging, ticket printing, etc., we are most likely to see and feel the large and small fast printing shops along the street. For example, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, there are not only many Chinese brand Express Printing stores, but also sirspeed, kinko`s and other foreign brand Express Printing stores. Digital printing has indeed entered our life. While opening up Xintiandi, it is also competing for the market with traditional printing methods. Among the numerous digital printing enterprises, many have made brilliant achievements and created a Xintiandi. However, we can not deny that among the enterprises that have purchased digital printing machines, there are still some enterprises that have not recovered their investment for several years. The magazine interviewed some digital printing enterprises and discussed the current situation and existing problems of digital printing application in China with users

1. The digital printing application market is obviously polarized

while sending a letter to suppliers to investigate the installed capacity of digital printing machines in China, the magazine also separately interviewed domestic commercial fast printing enterprises engaged in digital printing. From what we know, at present, the application of digital printing in China is in a state of polarization. At one end is the low-end market. The investment scale of practitioners in this market is relatively small. Most of the equipment used are non production digital printers, digital copiers, multi-functional all-in-one machines, etc. most of the printed live parts are short version black-and-white, with a small amount of color work. The customers of these enterprises want to be cheap and fast. They hope that the cheaper the price, the better. They don't pay much attention to color. There are not only a lot of people working in this field with low labor cost, but also a lot of people. The price war is quite fierce. According to Mr. wangxiaoming, manager of Beijing ximingda Trading Co., Ltd., a few years ago, the market price of Beijing text printing was 0.3 yuan (black and white) for A4, but now it has dropped to 0.10 yuan or even 0.08 yuan. Although the volume of printing is much larger than in the past, the profits have decreased

at the other end is the high-end market, where practitioners have a relatively large investment scale. Most of the digital printing equipment used are production-oriented digital printing machines. Printing is not only ultra short color printing, but also a lot of personalized and variable data color printing. Most of the customers of such digital printing companies do not want to be cheap, but pay more attention to quality and service, and have high requirements for color and printing quality. In this field, practitioners serve advertising companies, architectural design institutes, clothing companies, pharmaceutical companies, publishing houses, etc. In recent years, the competition in this market has been quite fierce, and the price has been falling again and again. The price of printing a color A4 print has been reduced from the initial 20 yuan to 5 yuan and 2 yuan, and even to 1.8 yuan and 1.5 yuan in some places

2. The digital printing market is not mature and its development is unbalanced

in the interview, we heard the most sentence: "China's digital printing market is large, but it is not mature", especially the regional development is very unbalanced. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities are developing rapidly in digital printing, while in the northeast, northwest and other places, the development is relatively slow. For example, a person in charge of an enterprise in Northeast China said that four years ago, they invested millions of yuan to buy a digital printing machine and join the digital printing market. However, they soon found that the local market was immature and the return of investment was far away. The local economy was underdeveloped, and many people did not know enough about digital printing at that time. They always compared the price and quality of traditional offset printing with that of digital printing with inverted metallographic microscope as a high-precision optical instrument. The startup cost of the traditional four open small offset printing machine was only 260 yuan, and the digital printing brush had no advantage over offset printing in terms of price. The number of menus, leaflets, tenders, etc. printed by the digital printing machine is not large, and the printing volume of each job is less than 100, so the utilization rate of the machine is not high. In addition, the supplier has to charge the user of the machine a single sheet cost according to the number of sheets printed, so the profit is very low. In the past two years, although people began to accept digital printing, some small-scale color laser printers have impacted the market of large-scale digital printers with their low printing prices, diverting their original customers. Therefore, in the view of digital printers in these areas, it is difficult to make money because of the immature market. Some interviewees said that the domestic digital printing market is not mature, and the digital printing machine is updated too quickly, and the price is high. In the short term, they do not plan to invest in production-oriented digital printing machines, but rather buy small machines with less investment and quick results

3. However, even if the market is not mature, many enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities have made remarkable achievements in the field of digital printing, and some have opened several chain stores in different cities. In the column of industry headlines and success stories in this issue, we focus on introducing such enterprises, trying to give readers some enlightenment through their path

from the operators of these successful enterprises, we hear the most words that "the digital printing market needs to be cultivated". Mr. Shenjun, general manager of Tongkun digital graphic Co., Ltd., said: the speed of the development of digital printing is indeed related to the economic level, consumption capacity and other factors of a region, but in the final analysis, the digital printing market needs to be cultivated together. We must first cultivate this market, first develop the concept of the market, and drive the demand, so as to form a market. The formation of the market depends on the joint promotion of multiple enterprises, including the publicity of concepts. If you always wait and see, dare not act, and really wait until there is a market, you will fall into an endless price war. The current price competition in the domestic fast printing industry is very fierce, which has a lot to do with the successful production of PET materials by the operators of many fast printing stores. We should often study the market demand and dynamics, then seek solutions, and organize industry promotion and expansion

Mr. chenyuming, general manager of Guangzhou Ocean Graphic Express Printing Center, full size of the first piece of cr929 aircraft (15 × 6 meters) the successful trial production of composite fuselage wall panel process parts is also a reference. Before investing, investors in digital printing should first figure out where your customer base is, and then purchase appropriate equipment for your target customers. Now is not the time when you open the door and your business will come to you automatically. The market needs to find and explore by yourself. From the stories of successful people, we can easily find that they have indeed made great efforts in cultivating and developing the market

4. Digital printing value-added service is the key to success

if the operators of digital printing want to succeed, it is not enough to only have strong technical force and sophisticated equipment. What is more important is to be good at business and have a good business model. Among them, providing high-quality value-added service is the key to success. On this point, Mr. Shenjun from Tongkun also has some opinions. He said: "In fact, digital printing can serve all walks of life. If we can firmly grasp one industry, we can do well. The relationship between the main industry and the auxiliary industry is interrelated and complementary. We can regard digital printing as a related industry of other industries. For example, the main industry of the catering industry is catering, while the auxiliary industry includes decoration, environmental design, vegetable planting, chef, design and printing of recipes. If a restaurant's dishes The beautifully printed spectrum can not only enhance the corporate image of the restaurant and speed up the diner's order, but also improve the service level and increase profits. Imagine that if a fast printing shop can take down the design and printing of the recipes of more than a dozen or more restaurants nearby, find an image designer to better design the image of the restaurant, take photos of the prepared dishes with a camera, design the illustrated recipes brighter, and change the recipes in time with the change of seasons, then these jobs will be enough to feed a fast printing shop. "Mr. Shen Jun concluded:" many things are done differently, and the results are also different. We should turn the service into a value-added service. Printing recipes is just a means. What fast printing enterprises really sell to customers is your image, efficiency and profit growth point. In this way, restaurants will not care too much about the printing cost of recipes. At present, some domestic fast printing shops only provide customers with the selection of recipes: the selection service of the equipment does not provide other value-added services. The road can only be narrower and narrower by simply reducing prices to win customers. "

Mr. lvlizhe from Taiwan also pointed out in his article that for every $1 invested in equipment by successful digital printing enterprises in the United States, they will invest $1 to $2 in IT infrastructure and environmental construction. These investments are just for the needs of value-added services. Mr. Huang Tao, deputy general manager of Xi'an happy printing, also believes that they can not just stay in" printing " "Above all, we should enrich our software and hardware strength to provide customers with variable data printing and personalized printing services. In this regard, digital printers in the United States have taken the lead. According to the survey of digital printers conducted by gamis, two thirds of the respondents believe that the income of color variable data printing is significantly higher than that of other fixed graphic content printing and black-and-white personalized printing. The annual income of color variable data printing The growth rate reached 57%. However, it is not easy to realize color variable data printing. Therefore, even in the United States, the turnover of color variable data printing accounts for only 14.7% of the total turnover of digital printing enterprises. Obviously, the domestic color variable data printing market needs to be developed

in addition to variable data printing and personalized printing, on-demand publishing, on-demand printing of books and on-demand printing of newspapers are also the strengths of the application of digital printing machines. The domestic intellectual property publishing house and Shanghai EPEC Tongkun Express Printing Co., Ltd. have taken the lead in publishing and printing books on demand with digital printing machines. From this point of view, the market of digital printing is very large. As long as digital printers broaden their thinking, have the courage to explore and practice, they can find business opportunities and become the trendsetter in the digital printing tide. We believe that with the development of the market, more and more people will invest in digital printing, and China's digital printing will also usher in an era of accelerated growth

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