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In 2011, digital publishing developed from a single spark to a prairie fire. Therefore, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, China's digital publishing continued to make rapid progress, and the industrial income increased significantly year by year. It was 21.3 billion yuan in 2006 and 105.179 billion yuan in 2010. The total income in 2010 was about five times that in 2006. In just a few years, the output value has increased by leaps and bounds, and the impact of digital publishing has reached an unprecedented level. In 2011, digital publishing developed from a single spark to a prairie fire, gestating a signal of great changes in China's publishing industry. At the policy level, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee raised culture to the national strategic level and clearly pointed out the need to accelerate the development of emerging industries such as digital publishing. The first digital publishing working conference organized by the General Administration of publishing conducted a comprehensive analysis and major layout of the digital publishing industry; At the industrial level, the process of digitalization of traditional publishing has been accelerated. Digital reading represented by reading has sprung up, and the exploration of the industry has been comprehensively promoted. The digital publishing industry has stepped into the fast lane of rapid development

professional e-book readers are becoming marginalized

although, in the past year, the Kindle under Amazon, the global leader in professional e-book readers, has maintained rapid growth; However, in the past year, liuyingjian, the leader of China's professional e-book reader, still held high the e-book banner on various occasions; However, even though there are so many, it is an indisputable fact that China's professional e-book reader market has encountered the coldest cold wave and even moved towards marginalization

in my opinion, there are three most symbolic events: first, Hanwang's share price fell from 175 yuan, the highest point in May last year, to 15 yuan, the lowest point in November this year; Secondly, the private brand professional e-book readers launched by major publishing houses have evaporated; Finally, major forums, summits and salons have never mentioned professional e-book readers, for fear of falling behind the charges of obsolescence

overseas giant accelerates the expansion of the Chinese market

various signs show that, as one of the few global platform level leading enterprises in the field of digital publishing, apple and Amazon are accelerating the pace of in-depth expansion of the Chinese market

on September 23, the apple retail store on Nanjing East Road in Shanghai opened. This is the fifth official Apple retail store in the Chinese Mainland market after the Sanlitun store in Beijing, the Joy City store in Xidan, the Pudong store in Shanghai and the Plaza store in Hong Kong. In fact, it is also the largest official Apple retail store in Asia. On November 18, the app store in China officially supported RMB payment, which can be regarded as a big step in the localization process of apple in the Chinese market. On December 6, the iPhone 4S officially passed the inspection of the telecommunications equipment certification center of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China and obtained the entry license. At this time, it was only more than a month since the iPhone 4S was launched in North America, setting a historical record for apple to synchronously import the latest products in China

on October 27, markonato, senior vice president of Amazon global operations, and Wang Hanhua, President of Amazon China, jointly announced in Kunshan that Amazon Excellence was renamed Amazon China, and short domain names were enabled. At the same time, they announced that Kunshan operation center, the largest operation center of Amazon China, was put into use. In addition, Wang Hanhua, who has been secretive about the Kindle's entry into China for a long time, has also recently been unconventional, and has repeatedly mentioned the progress of introducing the Kindle in public

for China's digital publishing industry, the unprecedented attention paid by apple and Amazon to the Chinese market means huge risks and opportunities. The risk is that the global platform leading enterprises may take the first mover advantage to occupy the leading position in the industry, and the opportunity is to tap and cultivate local consumers with the help of the payment trend created by the global platform leading enterprises

smart leads mobile digital reading

this year, with the further maturity of the industrial chain, the sales of the three major mobile digital reading terminals represented by e-books, tablet computers and smart devices have increased significantly worldwide, and China has exceeded the global average growth rate. However, in absolute numbers, the gap between e-books, tablet computers and intelligence is getting farther and farther away

recently, strategy analytics, a well-known global analysis agency, released the latest research report: in the third quarter of this year, China's intelligent shipment was 23.9 million units, an increase of 58% over the previous quarter, slightly higher than that of the United States, and it has become the world's largest intelligent market. At the same time, the shipments of e-books and tablet computers in the Chinese market are still hovering at the level of millions

it can be predicted that, with the development of intelligent dual core, large screen and electricity saving, the media substitution revolution that has been wildly hyped will shift from the Internet at the end of the last century to the beginning of this century. Therefore, the topic center will evolve from whether the Internet will make books disappear to whether the screen will replace paper

in fact, according to the annual report on China's digital publishing published by the China Publishing Research Institute, the total revenue of China's digital publishing industry last year reached 105.1 billion yuan, of which 34.9 billion yuan was from publishing, accounting for 33.26% of the total digital publishing. In may2010, China Mobile announced that its digital reading business was officially launched; In june2010, China Unicom quickly followed up the layout; In september2010, Chinatelecom Tianyi reading platform was officially put into operation. The digital reading business of the three major telecom operators is gradually emerging in the field of China's digital publishing with its advantageous resource channels, convenient charging methods and relatively complete profit distribution mode

E-Book Package has risen to a national strategy

in 2010, Hongkou District Education Bureau signed a four party digital publishing agreement with Chinatelecom and several major relevant publishers and digital publishing stations, and Shanghai E-Book Package is planned to be piloted and promoted in Hongkou District. Since then, pilot units have been deployed in many provinces and cities, including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Sichuan and Chongqing. Obviously, the whole society wants to reduce the burden on students' schoolbags. The combination of e-books and electronic education and teaching is the general trend

in 2011, the General Administration of publishing for the first time explicitly listed the E-Book Package R & D project as a major project during the 12th Five Year Plan period in its 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the publishing industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will vigorously research and develop an electronic schoolbag project based on the network environment, which is jointly constructed by mobile terminal equipment, E-teaching service platform, resource processing and publishing support system and digital content of education and teaching. Participants use terminal equipment to carry out teaching activities. Phase I of the project starts the research and development of E-Book Package and launches a small-scale pilot; The second phase will be optimized and adjusted and popularized in some regions; The third phase was promoted nationwide

In August, 2010, the General Administration of publication issued several opinions on accelerating the development of China's digital publishing industry, proposing that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, 8-10 national digital publishing bases or national digital publishing industrial parks with their own characteristics and an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan should be formed in the country

on July 16, 2008, China's first national digital publishing base was settled in Zhangjiang. In April2010, the second national digital publishing base was settled in Chongqing north new area. Since then, national digital publishing bases in Hangzhou, Hunan, Wuhan, Beijing, Guangdong and Xi'an have been successively approved. By the end of 2011, there were nine national digital publishing bases or national digital publishing industrial parks that met the requirements nationwide, with a total output value of more than 100billion yuan

deep integration and acceleration of industrial chain

as a new industry jointly spawned and exploded by various types of resources, the length of the digital publishing industry chain can be imagined. China's digital publishing industry has also been calling for and expecting an open development platform. From the height of the development of the whole industry, it will gather key enterprises in the core links of the industry, such as content manufacturing, copyright operation, marketing promotion, hardware terminal design and manufacturing, and jointly build new technologies, new products, new solutions and new models of the digital publishing industry, so as to promote the rapid and healthy growth of China's digital publishing industry. It should be said that condensing component ≤ 2mg total carbon content ≤ 50 μ Gc/g in recent years, especially since 2011, the publishing industry has become more sensitive to the development of digital technology. Many traditional publishing enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation, integrated content and technical resources, built content resource databases, independently developed or cooperated closely with technology providers, launched digital publishing products, cooperated with telecom operators in many ways, and vigorously expanded new businesses such as publishing business. Accelerating the deep integration of traditional publishing and digital publishing, accelerating the integration of various communication carriers, and accelerating the transformation of digital production and communication modes have become the consensus of the industry

stereoscopic composite publishing is becoming more and more popular

throughout the international publishing and media industry, the top ten publishing groups are all affiliated with large media groups, such as random house, HarperCollins and Macmillan. In addition to the typical characteristic of economies of scope, these large media groups give us an enlightenment in the digital age, With the deepening of industrial integration, compound publishing is imperative, that is, the same content can be published through newspapers, books, networks and other carriers, so as to maximize the full use of resources, reduce repeated investment and reduce publishing costs. Therefore, how to standardize and digitize the processing and storage of original content elements according to the needs of different carriers is a problem that publishing units must consider when transforming. In fact, this is a new definition and extension given to publishing by digital publishing. It is not only the maximum development of content resources, but also the maximum utilization of communication and distribution. Over the past year, domestic publishing enterprises have explored one after another, and many high-quality content has been stereoscopically presented in paper books, e-book readers, PCs, tablet computers, and has made great profits. More importantly, three-dimensional composite publishing has explored a new road and become the focus of digital publishing

quotations of the year

tablet computers can indeed read e-books like Kindle, but the popularity of iPad does not mean that Kindle will die out. We need to keep in mind that users need a device dedicated to reading

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

3 years later, the number of e-readers in the world should exceed 100million, which also means that the publishing industry will print 1billion fewer books a year. After the rise of digital reading, young people generally have the problem of shallow reading, which depends on the popularity of e-books to reverse

liusicheng, chairman of Yuantai technology

the demand of society for good knowledge and good books is unlimited, but people's reading time is limited. Based on this point, paper media publishing and digital publishing are bound to ebb and flow. With so much reading time, if the content published in digital form grows rapidly, the paper media publishing will gradually decline; But there is no doubt that the latter will not die out and has long-term vitality

liujianyao, chairman of China Science Publishing Group

as for the traditional industry, the next development of E-book Industry should focus on content, ensure system construction, use content advantages to connect terminal production, and spare no effort to build a content integration business platform, so as to take the lead

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