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Digital printing urgently needs market development

[ppzhan Abstract] digital printing is a new star in the printing industry, and its emergence emits a bright light. But although the light is still shining, the market demand is very small. Many people in the industry use the symbol HR to express that this is because of its high price, which is certainly one of the reasons, but more importantly, it does not promote the concept. Therefore, the important thing of digital printing is to develop the market

up to now, the proportion of digital printing in the whole printing industry in China is still insignificant. Some say that it has reached 10billion in 2011 (in the language of Lampu consulting company), and some say that 799 professional digital printing enterprises have achieved an annual output value of 3.97 billion (the speech of the director of the printing management department of the General Administration at the tianjinke printing Cup Award Ceremony). However, even if the amount is calculated at a high level, The digital printing output value of 10billion yuan only accounts for 1.15% of the total printing output value of 867.7 billion yuan (which may include the non main business income of printing enterprises), and it is difficult to pry the whole plate of the printing industry

compared with the rapid update of digital printing equipment, the development of digital printing in China has been slow in recent years. The main reason is that the equipment and consumables are completely dependent on imports, and the unit cost is high. In terms of image products, it is reported that the United States is expected to reach US $1.9 billion in 2012, which alone has exceeded the total digital printing revenue of mainland China. For the general public, the high price is a bit daunting, and they dare not make their own travel photos into collectable photo albums. In addition, the business scope of digital printing in China is still limited to relatively mature mapping, imaging, commercial printing, etc The gauge measuring system of tension machine adopts Taiwan's high-precision large deformation extensometer measuring device. The direct mail and digital publishing markets have not been started yet. Therefore, it is urgent to actively explore the market for the development of digital printing

of course, digital printing, as a rookie in the printing industry, will take some time to grow. Even in the world, according to the statement made by baniranda at the drupa printing exhibition in 2012, it only accounts for 2% of the total annual printing volume of 50trillion, or 1trillion. It is believed that with the further development of digital printing technology, the decline of unit cost and the improvement of product quality, the proportion of digital printing in the total printing volume will certainly gradually increase, giving full play to its unique advantages in adapting to personalized needs, printing on demand and facilitating network transmission

so as to enhance the strength of composite materials. Printing is transforming from a traditional and passive processing industry to a modern service industry integrating information technology, creative design and processing services. Therefore, in the process of development, emerging digital printing should pay more attention to the role of creative design in undertaking business, and only personalization It is possible to obtain relatively high profits for products that tap the potential needs of customers

the gratifying message from the 2012 keyin cup and Canon cup digital printing competition is that more and more printers begin to accept this concept and practice it in their work. They pay more attention to the role of creative design in digital printing, whether in the design of book binding, recipes and wedding invitations, and continue to expand the media of digital printing, from common coated paper to thick cardboard, from PVC plastic to porcelain plate, This makes all objects realize that digital printing is omnipotent and has huge space. The key is to constantly explore customers

the current situation of the development of digital printing in the United States tells us that, like image, digital publishing is an important client of digital printing. In China, the lack of qualitative breakthrough in digital publishing has seriously affected the growth of digital printing

the development of digital technology has impacted on the production of traditional books, including the use of digital terminal reading to divert some readers of traditional books, and the use of digital printing to complete the printing of books. Simultaneous interpreting offset printing competes for this part of paper media products. But so far, in China, although the output value of digital publishing has exceeded that of traditional publishing since 2009, the data show that a large part of it is not transferred from traditional publishing, but digital advertising and reading

out of concern about intellectual property protection and nostalgia for low-cost offset printing books, digital publishing has mostly remained within publishing houses and media groups, and has not yet formed a strong network suitable for dissemination in the whole society on the basis of intellectual property protection. We have neither a large-scale digital printing factory like the lightningsource (LSI) Company in the United States nor a chain digital printing network all over the country. Although the printing enterprises claim that they have the ability to solve the problem of property rights protection, as evidenced by the fact that the secret internal journals printed by Shanghai Oriental printing have never leaked secrets in more than a year since they were transmitted through the Internet and distributed at designated points, after all, there are few responding Publishers, and the number of publications actually completed by digital printing is really limited. Jiangsu Phoenix publishing media group created Phoenix digital printing to promote the practice of reducing the weight of packaging for small print black-and-white books in the way of digital printing, so as to eliminate inventory waste. However, this is far from the development direction of digital publishing and nearby printing. Of course, their courage to take steps also deserves our respect

in addition to digital publishing, the direct mail business for specific objects is also a digital printing business to be developed in China. Only when digital printing infiltrates into more fields can it usher in its own spring

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