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When it comes to digital printing, many people will mix it with the digital technology in the traditional printing process. In fact, digital printing technology is not the same as the digital technology used in traditional printing. From a technical point of view, digital printing is mainly based on electrostatic imaging technology and direct plate making technology. Its common feature is that the plate making time is short, so it can print short version business more economically, and even achieve flexible "one piece printing"

this determines that its main market and development direction lies in the "on-demand printing" characterized by personalized printing, variable data printing, instant printing, etc. This market is just what traditional printing methods could not meet before. At the same time, at least during the short-term reduction of bdi912 by 18 issues, traditional printing still has a strong advantage in the field of mass printing that digital printing cannot shake. It can be seen that the role of digital printing is to fill the gap in the market with holes in the center of the core and core seat caused by the technical characteristics of traditional printing. Its market positioning is different from and complementary to traditional printing

digital printing is a highly comprehensive technology, covering many technical fields such as printing, electronics, computers, networks and communications. The so-called digital printing means that the electronic files are directly transmitted by the computer to the printing machine, thus eliminating the steps of color separation, plate making, plate making, test run and so on. It brings the printing into the most effective way: from input to output, the whole process can be controlled by one person to realize one piece of printing. Such small volume printing is very suitable for four-color proofing and multi variety printing at reasonable prices

as a useful supplement to traditional printing, short edition business is the specialty of digital equipment, but it does not mean that it is the only advantage of digital printing. Opening up a new profit space that breaks through the limitations of traditional printing technology is the true meaning of digital pursued by many businesses. The market positioning of digital printing mainly lies in "on demand, short edition and personalization", including customized printing, variable data printing, enterprise internal printing, etc

as we all know, the whole printing industry is in a period of transformation from traditional large-scale production to shorter, more flexible, personalized and digital production. When users choose printing services, they should not only use high-quality, shorter version and full-color printing, but also consider rapid delivery and reasonable price. The production-oriented color digital printer can meet all these needs while ensuring efficient productivity and reasonable profit space, It also promotes the application of low-cost and high-efficiency short edition printing and personalized printing in the fields of full-color books and periodicals, personalized marketing brochures, financial statements, etc

it is understood that in the field of flexible packaging abroad, digital printing mainly has the following applications: product test packaging, small batch standard boxes and customized packaging with special requirements. In small batch standard boxes and customized packages with special requirements, digital printing will have a very good market development space. China's digital printing is different from foreign countries, mainly by introducing foreign technologies for application, and there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in technology development

although the digital printing market in China is large and developing very fast, it is not very mature, and the regional development is uneven. The application of digital printing is still in polarization. One is the low-end market, where the investment of practitioners is small, and the equipment used is non production laser printers. Most of the live parts connected are mainly short version black-and-white. However, due to the increasing number of practitioners and fierce competition, the profits are getting lower and lower even though the printing volume is much higher than before; The other is the high-end market, where the investment scale of practitioners is relatively large. The equipment is mainly production-oriented digital printing machines. Most of the businesses are color short editions, and there are many personalized and variable data color prints

information source: this will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry ball flexible packaging industry

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