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Digital publishing and traditional publishing have moved from opposition to marriage

at the beginning of the emergence of digital publishing, traditional publishing regarded it as a scourge and believed that the relationship between the two sides was one of ebb and flow. However, in the last year, the relationship between the two has changed from the initial opposition to the cooperation with the traditional publishing industry, becoming the content provider of the digital publishing industry, and digital publishing has become a new profit growth point of the traditional publishing industry. Compound publishing has become a new form of publishing

at present, lux research, the most commonly mentioned digital industry intelligence agency, recently released a report saying that publishing forms include e-book, reading and handheld reader. Based on the particularity of China Internet in the way of content acquisition and the particularity of the way of reading payment, this paper takes the field of handheld reader as the research sample of digital publishing. Chenshaoqiang, general manager of the resource operation Department of a domestic company, which accounts for 95% of China's handheld reader market share, told that in early 2009, the company was still struggling to seek content copyright cooperation. In the past year, this part of the operation has undergone qualitative changes. In the first half of 2009, it was difficult for its e-book city to sign the copyright cooperation of thousands of books every month. However, from last June to this June, the copyright cooperation with traditional publishing became more and more smooth. In the first half of 2010, 10000 to 20000 new book contents could be signed every month. It is estimated that by August, 100000 books will enter the company's bookstore project

develop headquarters economy the reason why traditional publishing is willing to be a content provider of digital publishing is closely related to profits. In 2010, many people in the publishing industry considered it the first year of digital publishing. Lujinbo, the publisher who tasted the sweetness, is one of the holders of this view. In May this year, he ran and published the beautiful times of daughter-in-law, and tried to launch paper books and e-books simultaneously for the first time. As a result, he made tens of thousands of yuan from the e-book according to the principle of 20-80 sharing between the e-book company and the publisher. Lujinbo said that this result surprised me. It was quite equivalent to the profit obtained from a paper book that sold 10000 or 20000 copies. This has specimen significance. I think 7 The test bench should have the function of revision. In twoorthree years, digital publishing will have a great change in the profit earning ratio of the publishing industry. Within ten years, digital publishing will become the main business of the publishing industry

it is no longer a case that paper books and digital copyrights are issued simultaneously. When browsing some e-book online stores, I found that an e-book of Shuli observation was on sale at the original price of 39.8 yuan, while when browsing Dangdang's paper books at the same time, the discount price was only more than 20 yuan. However, according to chenshaoqiang, the e-book of Shuli observation sold well

at the same time, it is learned that more and more traditional publishing houses have added digital publishing business departments in recent years. According to songjianxin, deputy director of the Department of foreign exchange and cooperation of the General Administration of publishing, by the end of 2009, more than 90% of China's 578 book publishing houses had launched e-book publishing business

however, the Fraunhofer project team has taken a completely different approach:

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