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Digital printing technology has brought a new round of reform to business card printing

with the high rhythm of business contacts, business card printing has entered the era of digital printing. The efficient, fast and small batch order mode has saved customers time and cost; Of course, everything has its pros and cons. For manufacturing enterprises with independent innovation ability, market development ability and scientific management ability, when we enjoy the speed and convenience brought by digital fast printing, we should also look at its shortcomings rationally: whether it is electronic ink printing equipment or laser toner equipment, it mainly prints coated paper such as coated paper, The adaptability of the tensile testing machine with a common grade for characteristic art paper is relatively limited; Nevertheless, in terms of speed and economy of small quantity customization, the advantages of digital fast printing are unmatched by traditional printing; Therefore, it has brought a new round of reform to business card printing

to improve the quality of business card printing, we must overcome the disadvantages of digital printing by measuring the height of force value. For example, there will be slight color fading after cutting the edges of business cards. In fact, even for traditional printing, to ensure that the printing ink will last for a long time, it is only possible to cover the film or UV oil treatment; Therefore, customers who are too sensitive should choose the copper plate double-sided lamination printing method. The business card can not be used for UV process, because it is printed first and then cut. The cutting error has great randomness and loses the regular edge. Therefore, the compromise plan is to change the printing color to hot color, and then do concave convex and steel seal on the version. This is the most mainstream process of business card printing in Shanghai

as for the digital printing era, the choice of paper for business card printing, it is recommended to use glossy paper to greatly improve the flat effect. For example, 270g Xingcui ice white or pearl white paper, or 240 white card smooth paper, etc. In this way, it is very suitable for digital output. The color of business card printing will be saturated and bright, especially the gradient color on glossy paper, with a natural transition

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