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With a large population in China, building materials shopping malls will never lack rigid demand. In order to expand shopping malls, door and window manufacturers have not met the process of original accumulation of capital. Now they are targeting shopping malls funded by franchises to expand the way of shopping malls to improve the level of surplus. In the shopping malls funded by aluminum alloy doors and windows, some franchisees can quickly occupy the shopping malls and obtain rich returns for their contributions; Some can only barely maintain the balance of operating revenue and expenditure; What's more, they lost everything

don't "stare" at the door and window franchise. In order to clarify their positioning and avoid the danger of door and window franchise, investors must make preparations before joining, which is the key to the success of door and window operation in the later stage

carefully review the conditions for joining

now, there are many kinds of aluminum alloy doors and windows brands in building materials malls, and the competition in malls is very fierce. In order to expand the scale of brand distribution, many door and window brand manufacturers have given many concessions in terms of brand franchise conditions. For example, "cost recovery in one year", "model free" and so on, let investors think that the entry threshold is low, and do not need too much capital investment, they can obtain high returns. Of course, these conditions are not too many mistakes, but after all, the wool comes from the sheep, and there may be trap conditions in other aspects, so investors must carefully examine each joining condition. Having a full knowledge and understanding of the brands to join, it is the agent who can burst the information here, and choose the real, powerful and promising door and window brands

we must make clear our own positioning

many franchisees have a misunderstanding, that is, blindly promoting some door and window brands with great brand influence, but they have not found their own positioning. For example, how much money can I invest in the early stage, how big my shop is, and so on. As the saying goes, if you don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat. It's inappropriate. Especially for large brand door and window companies, their shopping mall planning has been relatively full, and it is likely that the same brand will compete for business. Moreover, they have clear requirements for the strength of franchisees, so it is difficult to enter

door and window agents must contact the actual situation of local shopping malls, clarify the spending habits and spending talents of consumers, contact these elements, find suitable door and window brands to join, and obtain sustainable development

don't "stare" at the big brand investors of doors and windows. Moreover, the purpose of joining the door and window brand is to make profits. The initial investment is too large, which may cost the crowd positioning prohibition, leading to losses and seeking the end at the cost

in general, when selecting the aluminum alloy door and window brands to join, investors should be calm, carefully analyze the cost structure and market situation of the target shopping malls, select the appropriate door and window companies to join, and formulate a lasting plan, conscientiously and steadily





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