Latex paint product description confusion, beware

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The State Administration of quality and technical supervision and the China Consumer Association released the results of random inspection and testing of latex paint, and the existing problems were extremely prominent. In this interior wall latex paint market survey and comparative test, the investigators found the following prominent problems in the latex paint market and drew the attention of the majority of consumers:

first, the name of latex paint products is chaotic

1. At present, the description of latex paint product names on the Beijing market is very chaotic, including decoration paint, wall paint, etc., and some latex paint products are simply called ×& times; Brand paint, and some dealers collectively call all the internal and external wall latex paint Nippon Paint, which not only causes difficulties in identifying consumers, but also causes chaos in the latex paint market to a certain extent, giving illegal businessmen an opportunity

2. The product name does not distinguish the internal and external wall emulsion paint. Because the national standards applicable to interior wall latex paint and exterior wall latex paint are different, the requirements for performance indicators are also very different, so that consumers cannot understand which latex paint on the market is suitable for interior walls and which is suitable for exterior walls. It often costs a lot of money and fails to achieve the expected effect

3. Due to the nonstandard product name of emulsion paint and the confusion of paint concept, some testing units intentionally or unintentionally exaggerate the so-called toxicity of emulsion paint when exposing the toxicity hazards of other architectural coatings (such as waterproof coatings, porcelain like coatings, etc.), causing unnecessary confusion among consumers

II. The packaging and packaging instructions of latex paint products are not standardized

1. According to the relevant national standards, latex paint products should be stored in clean, dry and closed large mouth plastic barrels or iron barrels lined with plastic bags. Nearly 23 samples taken in this inspection were packed in iron drums, but plastic bags were not lined inside the drums

2. Some latex paint products are not marked in Chinese. According to the provisions of the national product quality law, products and their packages must have clear Chinese marks, and the situation that there is no Chinese mark on the package of latex paint products is particularly prominent in imported latex paint products

3. The production date and shelf life of some latex paint products are not indicated on the packaging, so that consumers cannot judge whether the products they buy are expired. The staff of the China Consumer Association found expired latex paint on the market during the sample purchase process. From the comparison test samples, nearly 13 latex paint samples did not indicate the production date or shelf life on the product package

III. fake and inferior latex paint is sold on the market

in order to fully reflect the real quality of interior wall latex paint on the market, the inspection department sampled a batch of interior wall latex paint with lower grade and price in the same period, including 5 varieties of 5 varieties. Among them, four samples, namely, wandeli brand high-quality ultra white emulsion paint, Japanese wall paint king, Jingbo brand whitening acrylic emulsion paint, and Audrey brand emulsion paint, have abnormal physical performance indicators, which have the following serious problems:

1, low washing and brushing times. After testing, the washing times of the above four samples are at least 3 times and at most 10 times, which is far from the national minimum standard of 100 times

2. Extremely low covering power. Four samples failed to meet the national minimum standard under two methods of testing the covering power. For example, the wandeli brand high-quality ultra white emulsion paint produced by liming paint factory in Shanghai Economic Development Zone needs 1022 grams of emulsion paint to cover 1 square meter, far exceeding the national standard of 250 grams of square meters

3. The can opening effect and smell are abnormal, which are different from general rubber paint. The results of the can opening effect, smell and physical test of these four samples show that these products, which are nominally high-grade emulsion paint, are actually made with polyvinyl alcohol or polyglycol, or even water-soluble resins such as starch as the main film-forming substances, without or only with a small amount of lotion. They do not belong to the category of emulsion paint, and are purely fake and inferior products. The average price of the above four samples per kilogram is only 3 ~ 4 yuan, which aims to deceive consumers by selling at a price lower than the cost of the real latex paint

4. Through the problems found in this spot check, we remind consumers that when purchasing latex paint, they must strengthen the maintenance of their own rights and interests, pay attention to brand awareness, choose high-quality products from enterprises with good quality reputation and strong technical strength, and avoid coveting temporary cheapness to provide a market for fake and shoddy products, which will eventually damage their own interests




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