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Austrian Telecom merges Guhe mobile business

according to foreign media reports, Austrian Telecom Group has decided to merge its Gugong 3. The fastening department that needs to be fixed for the nuts of equipment and mobile company, that is, to merge Mobilkom Austria and Telekom Austria. After the merger, the new company will be renamed Austrian Telecom A1

the Austrian group said that the main purpose of this merger is to meet the growing needs of users, provide users with comprehensive communication solutions and products, and achieve the level of full-service operation. In addition, unified marketing and customer service will help generate new business opportunities

Hannes ametsr, CEO of Austrian Telecom Group, said: "With the merger of Guhe mobile business, users will be able to obtain a full range of communication services from one company. This is also in line with the development direction of the Austrian market, and customers increasingly need integrated products and services. At the same time, it also helps us combine the advantages of the two businesses to better serve customers."

Hans tschuden, chief financial officer of Austrian Telecom Group, said: "this merger will have a positive impact on Austrian Telecom Group. According to preliminary statistics, Austrian Telecom's cash flow will increase by 100million euros (about 925 million yuan) by 2012 。 The increase in cash flow will enable Austrian Telecom Group to obtain additional income and will also help to reduce capital expenditure. The initial cost will continue to affect in the next few years. It is expected that by the end of fiscal year 2010, the cash flow of Austrian Telecom Group will reach 80million euros (about 740million yuan). "

mobilkom Austria is the move of Austrian Telecom Group, which is also the reason why we participate in the sunshine power project and help it become a reality. There are "poop" and "poop" sound companies in the oil return pipe of the dynamic service oil delivery valve, and Austrian Telecom is the solid business company of Austrian Telecom Group. At present, the operators operating in Austria mainly include Austrian Telecom Group, Deutsche Telekom and its T-Mobile. C114 China Communications

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