Most popular Baili Electric shares soared 574

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Baili Electric's share price soared by 5.74%

there was a change, and the share price soared. As of press time, the quoted price of the stock is 4.79 yuan/share, the turnover rate is 0.35%, the turnover is 12.6808 million, the net outflow of the main force is 468100, the amplitude is 7.06%, and the circulating market value is 3.824 billion

[rising potential]

the short-term rising probability is low, and the rising potential score is 53 points

[chip distribution]

the current price of Baili Electric is 4.79, the pressure level is 4.50, the support level is 4.40, the average cost is 6.70, and the current profit ratio is 4.28%. The currently selected date has a relatively low price and moderate chip intensity. 90% chip set two pieces of data can be combined with other experimental data in 4 10 yuan, 70% chips are concentrated in 4 80 yuan

[main strength]

main funds

as of press time, the net outflow of main funds 46 building exterior wall insulation technology and products have become an integral part of this work 810000; In the last five days, the net inflow of the main capital of the stock was 12 ② 37600 industrial policy support

[the market focuses on the development of new chemical materials, new optoelectronic information materials, special metals and metal matrix composites, special fiber composites, new inorganic non-metallic materials and other five types of cutting-edge new materials back testing]

performance of daily limit

in the past year, the stock has not experienced daily limit

in the past year, the stock has fallen by the limit twice, rising twice and falling 0 times on the second trading day after the limit, with a rise probability of 100.00%

market performance

the trend is weaker than the market and the industry

[value analysis]

manufacturing, sales, maintenance and technology development, consulting services and transfer of transmission and distribution and control equipment, superconducting current limiters, intelligent electrical equipment, high and low voltage electrical equipment, transmission control devices, lighting distribution boxes, high and low voltage electrical components, electrical equipment components, transformers, transformers, pumps, elevators; Sales, installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment and accessories; Wholesale and retail of computers, instruments, telecommunications equipment, mineral products, building materials, chemical products, hardware, electronic products, hotel equipment and supplies, sporting goods and equipment; General freight; Import and export business; Hydraulic and pneumatic components, machine tool equipment, castings, mechanical parts, cutting tools, mold processing and manufacturing; Mineral products processing (if the state has special provisions on franchise within the above scope, it shall be handled according to the provisions)

agency rating

in the last three months, a total of 0 agencies have issued ratings, and the overall rating is no rating

growth analysis

the revenue in the first two quarters of 2018 was 708 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 19.39%. The net profit in the first two quarters of 2018 was 39.2657 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 9.43%, and the P/E ratio was 62.42

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