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Based on vocational education, promote collaborative innovation - Schneider Electric's "Bibo vocational education plan" explores a new mode of school enterprise collaborative talent training

China industrial control information promotes collaborative innovation based on Vocational Education - Schneider Electric's "Bibo vocational education plan" explores a new mode of school enterprise collaborative talent training

Beijing, China, January 12, 2018 2017, The enterprise social practice initiated by Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, has won many awards. Among them, Bibo vocational education program won six awards, including the China enterprise social excellence project award, the China enterprise citizen excellent public welfare project, the China enterprise social excellence award 2017 excellent public welfare project, the 2017 first finance and economics China enterprise social excellent practice award, the China foreign-invested enterprise social excellent case, and the annual enterprise social model award of the winter forum of the China finance and economics summit. Schneider Electric has been fully affirmed for its innovative exploration and practice of cultivating skilled talents and expanding the enterprise social ecosystem based on vocational education

Schneider Electric won the excellent practice award in the 2017 China business social list of first finance and economics

in the name of Bibo, it helps to cultivate young people's skills

recently, the general office of the State Council issued several opinions on Deepening the integration of industry and Education (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"). The document emphasizes that deepening the integration of industry and education and promoting the organic connection of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain are the urgent requirements for promoting the structural reform of human resources supply side, and proposes to promote the collaborative education of industry and education. Adhere to the school running system of school enterprise cooperation and the combination of work and study in vocational education, and promote the alliance of vocational schools and enterprises, the association with industries, and the connection with parks. The combination of industry and finance and the cooperation between schools and enterprises are the inevitable trend of the development of Vocational Education in the future

the mission of Bibo vocational education program is to give full play to the core advantages of enterprises and their partners, establish a talent training mode of benign interaction and coordinated development between enterprises and vocational education institutions, help young people in need become professionals in industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, energy management and other fields, and obtain reasonable career development opportunities. At the same time, responding to the made in China 2025 plan and the the Belt and Road initiative, contributing to poverty alleviation, especially education poverty alleviation, has always been the belief of Bibo vocational education plan

through the bimbo program, Schneider Electric cooperates with vocational and technical schools or technical schools that offer electromechanical technology, electrical and automation related majors, and helps schools improve their professional level by providing advanced experimental training equipment, supporting courses and teaching resources; The top experts of Schneider Electric will train full-time teachers to improve their professional ability and understanding of the industry. At the same time, Schneider Electric and its partners provide students with internships and employment opportunities, as well as courses in professional quality. At present, Bibo vocational education program has cooperated with more than 40 schools, providing more than 2000 hours of compulsory training for more than 160 teachers, benefiting more than 15000 students

taking shape in the ecosystem has become an emerging industry thinking, exploring new forms of school enterprise cooperation

in the process of promoting the project, Schneider Electric not only gives full play to its own business advantages, but also hopes to gather wisdom and strength, and mobilize the enthusiasm of more enterprises. In response to the call of the state to strengthen and innovate social governance and support the cultivation of social organizations, Schneider Electric has established a special social organization, Bibo energy efficiency and automation application technology center, in China, to accept more enterprises committed to promoting education assistance, improving people's livelihood, and cultivating professional skills and talents, stimulate efficient collaboration in multiple links of the industrial chain, and gradually form a mature operation mechanism. In this system, cooperative enterprises can participate in many links of the project, including financial support, laboratory co construction, curriculum development, talent training and employment opportunities

in addition, Schneider Electric has joined forces with relevant institutions to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation. Schneider Electric has reached a strategic cooperation with China Education Development Foundation (CE, and this kind of hierarchical honeycomb structure is DF assembled by multi-layer cell walls of basic elastic units), and established a special fund; And cooperate with China research and Development Foundation (CDRF) to start the plan of winning the future of secondary vocational education, support the training of secondary vocational school principals, international technicians into the classroom and other experimental projects, and build a training base

according to the data of "Research on skills gap in China's labor market", the number of skilled workers currently accounts for only about 19% of the total number of employed people in the country, and highly skilled talents account for only 5%. With the industrial upgrading and transformation, the market demand for high-quality skilled talents will continue to increase. Facing this gap, Bibo vocational education plan is continuously increasing its investment in vocational education, and with the ecosystem thinking, it is combining the forces of schools, enterprises and relevant institutions to establish a talent training mode of talent training, science and technology, innovation, professional construction and industrial integration development, open up the ecological chain, and transport professionals for made in China 2025, the the Belt and Road and so on. In the future, Bibo vocational education plan aims to pilot in 100 schools within 3 years, cultivate 10000 applied talents, and provide 1000 technical employment and internship opportunities

Wang Jie, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of corporate affairs and sustainable development, said: there is a long way to go to connect with national policies and promote the construction of high-level modern vocational education. In the Bibo vocational education plan, we make full use of our business strengths and introduce the business wisdom accumulated in the operation in the implementation process, so as to establish an ecosystem and form an efficient operation mechanism with more than one belt. As our footprint enters more schools and the circle of partners continues to expand, this school enterprise collaborative innovation project will be more dynamic and efficient

about Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation in residential, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial fields

Schneider Electric has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world. It is an undisputed leading enterprise in the field of energy management (including medium voltage, low voltage and critical power supply) and automation systems. We can provide users with integrated energy efficiency solutions integrating energy, automation and software

in our global ecosystem, Schneider Electric is cooperating with many excellent partners, integrators and developer communities on its own open platform to jointly provide users with real-time control and improve operational efficiency

we believe that in summary, excellent talents and partners make Schneider Electric a great enterprise. At the same time, Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation, diversification and sustainable development will also ensure that everyone can enjoy life is on at any time and anywhere

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