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BASF Langsheng and other enterprise personnel talk about chemical safety production

the following list of chemical experts makes it difficult to distinguish the yield point to ensure that the experimental machine will not be overloaded and damaged. It is the first step to eliminate potential safety hazards to prevent dangerous goods accidents. "Although the world's demand for chemicals is rising, as manufacturers, our experience is that safety must be put before production. If potential dangerous factors occur in the production process, then shutdown is the first choice." Fang Zongxian, general manager of LANXESS Rhine chemical (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., said

prevention management has many links: first, process design. Gerhardkuhn, process safety director of BASF Group, said that enterprises should conduct corresponding risk assessment before building each chemical plant. For example, what kind of chemicals and reaction devices are the least toxic, the appropriate construction site, and how many meters away from the surrounding area are safe, all need to be repeatedly verified

Chen Jinqiu, head of environmental safety and health in China of Evonik industries group, also said that although many chemical plants can be seen together behind some dangerous goods accidents, there is no problem with this mode if the safety distance is selected and the guarantee is in place. Because centralized storage of chemicals can complement the process flow, another feature of intensive plant construction is that once a dangerous accident occurs in an enterprise, the corresponding fire-fighting systems and emergency centers of other companies can also be shared immediately

another important management and prevention link is the repeated training and guidance in advance. This includes not only the vocational education of the company's employees, but also the business management and communication of contractors, transporters and other relevant personnel

"for chemical enterprises, many fire drills are a very important part, and we often let our employees do simulation training, such as how to use fire extinguishers, how to prevent the spread of fire in critical situations, and so on."

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