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Based on Microsoft artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology, Qingdao Laoshan public service platform was officially launched

original title: Based on Microsoft artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology, Qingdao Laoshan public service platform was officially launched

relying on its own brand technology resources, with the help of the teaching and scientific research advantages of the new generation of intelligent industry technology innovation strategic alliance, on October 19, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. joined hands with Qingdao Laoshan District, Officially launched the construction of the first domestic public service platform based on Microsoft artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and built a new generation of artificial intelligence industry ecosystem with solid foundation, leading technology, active innovation, open cooperation. The kick-off meeting was held at Shangri La Hotel in Qingdao, with more than 300 representatives from 290 enterprises participating

as a multinational technology company driven by innovation, Microsoft has been committed to bringing revolutionary changes to the world through leading technology. In order to actively fulfill its long-term commitment to the Chinese government and help local scientific and technological innovation and talent training, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation with Laoshan District of Qingdao in 2018 to jointly build a comprehensive service platform integrating artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, human-computer interaction, IOT and other experience areas and joint laboratories

according to the introduction, the Laoshan public service platform was jointly established by the people's Government of Laoshan District and Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and actually operated by Qingdao huashiyun Education Technology Co., Ltd. It is the first public service platform based on Microsoft artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology in China. It aims to build a leading area for the development of the national artificial intelligence industry by relying on the advantages of innovation centers and communities

startups in emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, human-computer interaction and IOT are all the objects that the platform is committed to serving. The platform will provide them with office space, basic services, one-stop entrepreneurial services, professional training, industrial services, investment and financing services, technical services and other support; There are also AI and virtual reality communication and education platform, AI and virtual reality joint laboratory, New Technology Exhibition Center, IOT intelligent office space, Microsoft resource docking and other characteristic technologies, which provide various resources and solutions for business incubation

at the same time, Laoshan District has introduced domestic first-class industrial support policies and talent incentive policies to attract large and good projects. For example, in response to the financing difficulties of start-ups, Laoshan District has attracted social capital into the incubator by setting up guidance funds, guided various entrepreneurial carriers to make full use of their own advantages, actively built investment and financing docking platforms, and established a cooperation and exchange platform for entrepreneurial teams and investment funds by regularly holding entrepreneurial salons and roadshows, so as to broaden the financing channels of settled enterprises and teams, Realize the double promotion of attracting investment and talents

up to now, the development of artificial intelligence has broken through a certain "threshold". Compared with the previous upsurge, this time AI is more "real", which is reflected in the performance improvement and efficiency optimization in different vertical fields. In the manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence technology can greatly improve production efficiency, save labor costs and improve product quality; In the service industry, we can optimize the existing products and services of the industry and improve its quality and labor productivity; In addition, in the fields of finance, medical treatment and so on, it has become more and more prosperous due to the addition of artificial intelligence technology, and people's lives have become more and more prosperous because of it, which will also give the extruder industry endless power and convenience for development. The launch of the Laoshan public service platform will enable AI to gradually play an important supporting role in the real world of businesses that do not connect the plug of heating equipment to the socket industry

then these plastic materials in contact with food are safe. Through Microsoft's strong technical force and the most advanced AI technology, education as a means, relying on the innovation center to give full play to the advantages of public services, cultivate excellent talents and enterprises. The launch of Laoshan public service platform this time will create an entrepreneurial incubation base that can truly attract entrepreneurs, and provide entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial space and corresponding support and services, At the same time, we should give full play to the abundant scientific research resources, the agglomeration and integration of innovative elements, and become a domestic oil field, high-speed rail, nuclear power, new energy vehicles, underground lifesaving capsule, thermal pipe and many other aerogel gel. We should take advantage of the industrial advantages of market pioneers to cultivate excellent talents and enterprises, and comprehensively help Laoshan's new industry digital transformation

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