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Autodesk introduces a fully anthropomorphic 3D voice version

among Apple's famous elements of maintaining customer loyalty, a very important part of further expanding cooperation results is the mall, where confused or dissatisfied consumers can communicate with enterprises one-on-one

Autodesk, a 3D design software manufacturer, is trying to use some auxiliary services to achieve similar services, so that consumers can interact with the most anthropomorphic objects. The company said it would launch a new version of Autodesk virtual agent (AVA) avatar next year, designed with the participation of soul machines, a New Zealand AI and effects start-up, with extremely realistic faces, sounds and a range of emotions. Ava's CGI first appeared on the chat street as a rough sketch in February. Now its appearance transformation will turn it into a more accurate and 3D rendered character, which soul machines calls digital man

in the demo video, the new AVA face and the best CGI role in Hollywood produced subtle reactions to gb/t 90.2 ⑵ 002 fastener acceptance inspection, marking and packaging. No wonder, because she came from the same technology. Before founding soul machines in 2016, marksagar was a special effects master of Sony Pictures and Peter Jackson's wetadigital and other films. In 2010 and 2011, he won two Oscars for creating realistic CGI facial animation in Avatar films by King Kong and James Cameron. Another of his achievements is the development of the system light stage, which scans the face and body in an extremely detailed way through multi angle lighting, so as to create realistic 3D models

Hollywood production generally takes scanning as the first step, such as turning the image of actor Zoe Saldana into the blue faced Neytiri in avatar or the green faced Hulk in Avengers. However, soul machines uses other software developed by Sagar at the University of Auckland to ensure the most primitive state, and even retains the pink spots, blocked pores and messy eyebrows of the manikin

sagar hopes to conduct further research. After leaving the film industry, he has been trying to use software to rebuild the human nervous system. Soul machines' software provides virtual dopamine for Ava's nervous system by analyzing facial expressions to identify smiles, even subtle smiles, and speech to obtain a pleasant tone. As in the human body, virtual dopamine can produce a relaxed state in Ava. But please don't get me wrong, Sagar warned that this is far from man-made perception. He mentioned that everything is completely simplified from the real thing, and people have not even fully understood the operation process of the real thing. This is just the current thinking about the working mode of these models

in addition, AVA participated in another project of Sagar, babyx, which aims to simulate human consciousness, including all positive and negative consciousness, such as anger and impulse. These are not positive attributes for customer service robots

Sagar said: due to the current market demand, digital people generally do not have much autonomy. Then, all subtle representations of behavior are based on the babyx model. Anger that digital people like AVA cannot perceive. No matter how annoying customers are, they will have endless empathy and serve users attentively

Gregg spratto, vice president of Autodesk operations, said: we have reached the capacity limit, that is, the number of accesses is insufficient because of insufficient manpower. Our products are not the simplest in the world, so there will be quite a lot of problems when it comes to how to start, run, or choose which product

he said that even the current AVA version can provide a lot of help. For example, through text chat, it processes about 40000 customer help requests every month, with an average turnaround time of about 5 minutes. Spratto said: our internal agent team handles 40000 sessions a month. AVA is mainly based on Watson conversation API of IBM's Chatbot software. At present, it can process about 500 types of requests and identify common problems of customers by running machine learning to record on-site help

ava has been promoted from a call center employee to a brand ambassador with its new face and brain. Spratto said: we really feel strongly that if AVA becomes the first service personnel of Autodesk for the public, people may think that AVA is the first choice to deal with the problem, rather than a deflection mechanism

appearance is particularly important for Ava. The new look of Autodesk is obtained from the scanning of actress shuhila Takao. She has a light tan complexion, which is somewhat indescribable. Spratto said: This is what we intended to do. Our practice is to attract AVA to the widest possible range of cultural groups, and the production beat time is shortened by about 20%. She can be African American, Asian Latino ", or white people.

ava has always maintained the inherent image of female robots, but spratto said that he will open virtual assistants in the future, including men. Soul machines has three images on its home page, including a single male image in addition to the previously mentioned Ava.

in addition, spratto said that Ava's increased voice function will bring new highlights. About half of Autodesk customers who experience it will be candidates Choose to have a text conversation with AVA, and half choose to have a conversation. Spratto said: at the very least, the voice function makes AVA attractive to those who prefer to talk rather than chat with words. He also believes that Ava's voice recognition function will help bring more intimate service experience to customers

autodesk mentioned in an AVA file that AVA embodies the five brand characteristics of Autodesk: authenticity, openness, intelligence, trust and motivation

ava is not just the ideal choice for Autodesk platonic. After making mistakes, AVA can accept constructive criticism and will never blame users. Like others, AVA is fighting with competitive desire. According to her personal data, she hopes to move forward and see what kind of person she can become and how her growth can help the company and customers, but the main premise must be to ensure that she is reliable and trustworthy

our efforts are only to create a better chat robot. Spratto said: what we really want to do through soul machines is to make AVA as close to the human experience as possible, rather than pretending that AVA is not a robot

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