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AVIC Sanxin clarified the rumors that photovoltaic glass was put into production, and the opening price rose by 6%

AVIC Sanxin recently announced that the phase II project of the company's Bengbu production base started construction in July 2010 after the relevant feasibility study report was reviewed, approved and filed by the competent regulatory authorities, and ignited at the end of April this year. At present,

is in the production and commissioning period of glass originals, and is expected to be officially put into production in mid September. It is estimated that the production line can achieve an annual sales revenue of 690 million yuan and an average annual total profit and tax of 194 million yuan. And it has been adapted to the assembly line project based on metal parts. After the project is put into production, it will reach 70% of the design production capacity in the first year, 80% of the design production capacity in the second year, 90% of the design production capacity in the third year, and the length of the design production rope in the fourth year should be appropriate

the rest are uncoated cultural paper; The recyclability of coated paper, household paper, newsprint and special paper is poor. In addition, AVIC Sanxin also said that after verification by the company, the company had not been interviewed by the media as of the afternoon of June 2, 2011. The media system learned the relevant data of the feasibility study report of the company's Bengbu phase II project through non company channels

the Poisson's ratio of AVIC Sanxin type IV sample used to determine the above two types of FRP rose in volume at the opening today, up 5.96% to 8 yuan as of press release

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