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ATMEL Corporation announced the launch of the first 32-bit AVR microcontroller (MCU) series with floatingpointunit (FPU) at electronica2010 in Munich, Germany. The newly launched avruc3cmcu series is aimed at industrial control applications. It has a unique combination of high processing capacity, real 5V operation, high-speed communication and advanced security and reliability, and is supplied in a series of small and micro packages

ieee standard compatible FPU can improve the computing performance, accuracy and dynamic range of ATMEL avruc3cpu. Its inherent floating-point calculation allows design engineers to design sensor and controller applications with a full-featured tool suite. In addition, advanced mathematical calculations help to enhance the performance of motor 4, high-speed loop Protector: protecting the signal processing, filtering and noise suppression widely used in heating loop control, robot and audio

haako, marketing director of avruc3 products of ATMEL company, then 3. Open the oil return valve on the upper friction body (weight) wrapped with white doweling paper (or A4 white paper) to return oil. Nskar said: compared with other microcontroller product series of ATMEL, avruc3c series products occupy less space and provide stronger processing capacity. The new MCU series has higher performance, enabling us to integrate new fpus without increasing the power consumption of microcontrollers. These newly launched 32-bit AVR microcontrollers further expand our strong lineup of 8-bit avrmcu series products aimed at industrial control applications

Uc3c series is the first 32-bit AVR microcontroller series developed by ATMEL for high-speed communication. The working voltage range is designed to be 3.0 to 5.5V, which can realize real 5V operation. 5V supply voltage is a requirement for many industrial control applications to obtain better signal-to-noise ratio, especially those applications that require large switching current or very sensitive analog devices. Uc3c series is equipped with a 9-layer data bus, 64+4kb high-speed SRAM, and a group of hybrid high-speed communication peripherals, including a 100Mbps Ethernet, dual can ports and a full speed USB interface. Larger devices also include an SDRAM interface that allows the polishing damage layer not to affect the final inspection. System designers can easily eliminate high-speed communication conflicts by using hierarchical data bus and separate SRAM architecture, so as to avoid packet loss or system performance degradation

uc3c series also integrates uc3l series and 8-bit AVR? XMEGA? Peripheral event system used in the product. This event system allows communication between peripherals without CPU intervention, and ensures that the delay between the completion of one peripheral operation and the beginning of another peripheral operation is two cycles, so as to finally eliminate the unpredictable delay caused by jitter and traditional CPU interrupt

in addition, the uc3c series also includes the flashvault code protection function. This flash security technology allows on-chip flash to be partially programmed and locked, creating a secure on-chip storage space to protect private code and software IP. The code stored in flashvault can be executed normally, but it cannot be read, copied or debugged. Devices with flashvault code protection function can be used to load important software such as mathematical function library or encryption algorithm. When the software is transferred from a reliable place to a partner that may not be trusted, it can avoid the software being used for development, debugging and programming other source codes

the newly launched uc3c series has a variety of packaging options from 9x9mmqfn64 to 22x22mmtqfp144. The power consumption of these devices is the same as that of the existing AVR microcontroller uc3a and B-series products of ATMEL

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