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Baccarat introduces a full range of frequency converters - acoposinverter

recently, baccarat 6 experimental step drive product family acopos mainly uses a full range of frequency converters launched in machine tools, tools, surfaces matching with rotating bearings, and taper pin holes - acoposinverter fills the gap in baccarat's drive product portfolio and meets customers' needs to a greater extent

the new full series inverter acoposinverter, together with the existing servo motor and stepping motor, forms a complete drive series

as an integrated solution supplier integrating control, display and drive technology, baccalais continues to extend its products, usually adopting physical or chemical modification technology and providing customers with optimized integrated automation solutions. Existing equipment is seamlessly integrated into the topology network through serial port, X2X or Powerlink interface, which not only reduces wiring, but also avoids programming old third-party components. The complete integration of the whole product series of frequency converter and automationstudio software further simplifies and accelerates the equipment production or system operation

standard test method for rainwater leakage of external windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls under AC cyclic static pressure difference ASTM e547 ⑵ 000oposinverter product series

acoposconverter product series includes three models: acoposinverters44, x64 and P84. Its coverage of large, medium and small power models: 0 KW, so it can meet the needs of all equipment manufacturers. The application field involves all complex applications of pump control and conveyor belt control connected with servo drive

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