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BASF: actively improve China's polyurethane industry chain

the double-digit growth expectation of China's polyurethane market in the future has attracted major multinational enterprises to seize the Chinese market. BASF's "polyurethane solution" has been actively improving China's polyurethane industry chain from launching new environmental protection and energy-saving products to continuously increasing the supply of raw materials

Ma lanli, senior vice president of BASF polyurethane Asia Pacific business, said BASF is committed to providing customers with customized Pu system solutions to help customers be more successful and meet the challenges of various industries. All products in this exhibition are aimed at energy conservation, environmental protection and making people's lives safer and more comfortable. "In addition to conventional applications, we hope that polyurethane products will be more widely used in the future. To this end, the company has invested a lot of research and development efforts to make greater contributions to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection"

Ma lanli believes that in the construction field, it will be a challenge to combine metal building materials and polyurethane materials to reduce the self weight of super high-rise buildings, said Laura Bowman, chairman of trade partnership, a Washington consulting company. In addition, she called on people to pay attention to the recycling of building materials. She said that the overall demolition of buildings involves not only the recycling of polyurethane materials, but also the recycling of cement and other materials. BASF has accumulated a lot of experience in this regard and is willing to provide solutions for other companies

in the automotive field, BASF relies on its automotive technology teams in all regions of the world to provide automotive manufacturers with overall technical solutions. Except for polyurethane components, every component in the circuit has been screened; It needs sophisticated processing equipment to make every part of it; More importantly, a rigorous and responsible technician team is needed to operate production equipment, assemble, debug, inspect and undergo repeated aging assessment, including other plastic products. Ma lanli said that a few years ago, especially in the aviation and automotive industries, BASF paid more attention to international brands, but now it is more willing to cooperate with Chinese local brands, especially in China's automotive industry. BASF is very optimistic about the prospects of China's automotive market. Previously, BASF has carried out good cooperation with China BYD and Chery Automobile Company

driven by the concept of environmental protection, BASF's Polyurethane application research has also penetrated into solar cells, wind power generation equipment, permeable ecological floors, etc

the supply of raw materials is renewed.

BASF recently announced that it will establish a new polyurethane composite plant in Chongqing to meet the growing market demand, and further that the change in the cross-sectional area of the sample with the increase or decrease of the load is an inadvertent expansion of its powerful global service and production network. Ma lanli said that for basic raw materials, economic scale is very important. It can reduce costs and produce products that meet customers' needs. This composite plant is expected to be put into production in 2012. In the future, it will be integrated with the Chongqing MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate) production base under construction to better meet the needs of the local market

at the exhibition, BASF also introduced the world-class MDI production base planned to be built in Chongqing. Ma lanli said, "Chongqing MDI project will be one of BASF's most important investments in the Asia Pacific region, and production facilities will be established in accordance with advanced environmental health and safety standards." She said that the Chongqing MDI project is not only very important to BASF, but also of great significance to the energy conservation and emission reduction and economic development of the whole China and the western region, because the MDI products produced by consuming 1 ton of crude oil can be used in the field of energy conservation and insulation, which can save 16 tons of crude oil consumption. It is reported that the project is expected to be put into commercial operation in 2014

it is reported that BASF will apply the latest technology to Chongqing MDI project on the basis of decades of isocyanate production experience, and strictly implement BASF's highest standards in the world

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