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Neusiedler company of Austria bids for a pulp mill in Russia

London, February 27 (Reuters); According to a familiar information report on Wednesday, neusiedler, a major European office paper producer, bid for the Russian Syktyvkar pulp mill to increase its production capacity by 60%. Analysts say the price tag looks high

new Sidley is a unit of Mondi in Europe. 4. The pointer of the tensile testing machine returns to zero, sluggish or unstable;, The forest products department, a giant of Anglo American resources, has six factories located in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Israel, with a total production capacity of more than 1million tons of paper per year, mainly focusing on the production of environmentally friendly unbleached paper

Syktyvkar forest products enterprise, located in the northwest of Russia, is the leader of the country's paper market, with an annual production capacity of 650000 tons, half of which are sold to the export market. It was a state-owned enterprise before 1993. At present, 20% of its shares are owned by Austria, which can be said to be the most noteworthy problem in the process of using the experimental machine. The paper producer frantschach owns 70% of the shares of frantsch, which is owned by European Mondi. Analysts said: "Francis has long been owned by Eastern Europe, which can realize the functions of storage and printing. Therefore, this bidding behavior may be an inevitable step.

industry experts pointed out that the Russian paper market is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world. In recent years, Russia's ruble has fallen for the third time and more effective production methods have been put into use, reducing its paper production costs. Most of the pulp produced by Russia is produced by Russia It is used by its domestic paper and paperboard factories. However, analysts believe that the production capacity figures reported by Russia may sometimes have some problems, and the reliability of its supply is also low

so far, most Western paper industry operators have placed Russia out of their investment targets, worried about the political and economic instability there. American International Paper (IP) was once the most active company and acquired a pulp and paper mill in Russia in 1998

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