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Research on polymer forming processing technology and equipment V

IV. suggestions on the development and research of China's polymer forming equipment

1. development of new extrusion mixing technology and equipment, Before 2010, it is estimated that China will need about 450million US dollars to introduce foreign exchange for this model. Reciprocating pin screw extruder and series disc extruder are necessary devices for making high filling and high value-added polymer alloys. In addition, their development in China is just in the prototype stage, with few specifications and varieties. The market is almost monopolized by foreign manufacturers

2. opposite parallel twin screw extruder for large diameter pipe extrusion, steel plastic composite pipe extruder and Φ The development and research of large-scale double wall corrugated pipe extrusion forming unit and special plastic pipe extrusion unit above 500mm shall be strengthened

3. development and research of composite extrusion molding technology and equipment

recently, there is a large market demand for multi-layer co extruded ultra wide geomembrane, stretched flat film for packaging, composite corrugated board for construction, core foam board and pipe, and the development and research of related molding technology and equipment must be paid enough attention

4. research and development of technical equipment for recycling and reuse of waste plastics

the "white pollution" caused by plastic products to the natural environment has affected the sustainable development of China's national economy. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research on recycling and reuse of waste plastics, and those plastic products that are difficult to recycle or consume too much for recycling should be made into degradable products

5. research on upgrading conventional plastic processing equipment to improve output, efficiency and self-control level

at present, the extrusion speed of plastic profile abroad is 4 ~ 8m/min and the traction speed of biaxial tensile film is 450m/min, while the corresponding speed in China is only 1.5~2.5 m/min and 120 m/min. The renovation of the existing equipment, with less investment, can play a role in pulling the weight of a thousand pounds

6. strengthen the research on the application of cad/cae/cam technology in the plastic industry

this research can improve the design of rubber and plastic machinery from the time-consuming and money consuming empirical design - trial run modification mode to the modern level of accuracy, speed and high precision. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the use of 25% before 20252.2 ignition source location, so that China's extrusion equipment manufacturing industry can win in the fierce international competition

7. research on detection and automatic control technology

the digital, intelligent control, laser testing and servo system technology in developed countries has been mature. The extrusion unit can realize on-line control of the whole line, and is connected with the detection device. Feedback control is realized according to the collected and stored signals, which ensures the stability of process conditions and improves the accuracy of products. In addition, the reliability research of electrical components can not be ignored. An important reason for the high failure rate of domestic equipment is that the reliability of electronic control system is too poor

8. actively develop high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly extrusion equipment, limit the development of long-term products with excess production capacity, and eliminate products with high energy consumption, high consumables and serious environmental pollution. The research on extrusion technology and equipment of wood plastic composite products with natural plant fibers and waste plastics as the main raw materials should be paid enough attention. The use of Freon equipment in PS and PE extrusion foaming production should be limited, the ultra-thin (less than 0.015mm) plastic bag production equipment should be eliminated, and the development of waste plastic recycling and reuse and the development of degradable plastic processing and extrusion equipment should be encouraged. With the rapid development of material science

(author/Jiangbo, xushuhua, Li Ao, Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

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