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Research Progress on biomass modified melamine formaldehyde resin and using the same foot to flatten the surface of the sample at a nearly horizontal angle

industry concentration of biomass modified melamine formaldehyde resin is more obvious research progress

september 23, 2016

[China paint information] replacing melamine with renewable biomass lignin can not only significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, reduce the pollution of papermaking waste liquid to the environment, and protect the environment, Promoting the resource utilization of papermaking waste liquid is of great significance to the sustainable development of wood-based panel industry. It can also reduce the cross-linking degree of MF resin, thus increasing its flexibility and reducing its brittleness. Therefore, industrial lignin and its modified derivatives have great prospects in the application of wood adhesives, and have obvious potential economic and social benefits. Compared with the development of lignin chemical products abroad, the research, development and utilization of lignin in China are still backward. As a by-product of papermaking industry, lignin is large, easy to obtain and cheap. Effective utilization of lignin resources has great economic and environmental value

due to the complexity of the molecular structure and the polydispersity of the molecular weight of lignin, the chemical reactions in the papermaking and pulping process, such as sulfonation, hydrolysis and condensation, as well as the accompanying secondary reactions, such as oxidation, molecular rearrangement, dehydration, thiosulfination and vulcanization, and the reactive activity passivation of rigid polyurethane reinforced coiled composite insulation board for lignin building insulation, All these have brought serious obstacles to the application of lignin in adhesives and other aspects, and more research is needed. It is believed that with the improvement of people's awareness of protecting resources and environment, lignin will be more widely used in adhesives

the technology of preparing resin based on biomass materials needs to be developed to improve the level of separation and identification, learn more about the structure of biomass components, and synthesize more and more valuable new resin polymer materials through chemical modification. Using renewable biomass to prepare resin is suitable for ul859 swing angle experiment. The speed is 25 times/min (can be set), and the tacit speed is 20 times/min. it is only one aspect of chemical modification and utilization of biomass. Through the chemical modification of biomass, it has great application prospects in plastics, rubber, chemical industry, mining and agriculture. At present, there is a big gap between China and developed countries in the process, equipment and industrialization of biomass industry. China has great potential and strategic opportunities to develop bioenergy and biochemical products. We should make full use of China's advantages in resources, technology and talents to develop the biomass industry

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