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Research and Analysis on the transformation and development direction of China's traditional media in 2012

in the era of information overload, for the audience, abundance also means scarcity. The value of too much and too much information will no longer be valuable, but the accurate information processed or redistributed will be more valuable. In this case, it is urgent for the traditional media to transform from the content as king to the synchronous integration simulation project of seamless plastic injection molding and composite product design for our common customers into information service as king, so as to promote its smooth transformation

abundance means scarcity

at present, we have entered an era of information explosion or excessive information abundance. We are surrounded by all kinds of information from opening our eyes to falling asleep. In ancient times, many readers' voluminous dream of collecting books could be easily realized by any ordinary person in modern times. There might be a huge amount of micro digital library on any computer, iPad, and other terminals. A city newspaper often has more than 200000 words a day. If you carefully read the experimental figures, it is difficult for a person to finish without eating or drinking from morning to night. Television, magazines, radio and other media also bring us a huge amount of information

on the one hand, overloaded information has brought us a lot of convenience. We can know everything about the world without going out. However, overloaded information makes us more confused about information: on the one hand, personal time is limited. Everyone has only 24 hours a day and can only read and accept limited information; On the other hand, the more information there is, the more difficult it is to identify the quality of information. It can not only increase readers' knowledge, but also make consumers feel lost. According to the Research Report of the associated press, fatigue makes consumers feel unable to change their consumption patterns, and they are not able to control and choose as before. When they are tired, they accept it passively rather than actively seek it

while traditional media has always highly emphasized that content is king, the market share and influence of traditional media are weakening day by day, while new media is showing a good trend of vigorous and rapid development. In particular, new information service terminals such as Kindle, iPhone and iPad that closely integrate content, products and technology are developing rapidly, further compressing the living space of traditional media that uphold the concept of content as king. According to Taiwan's DIGITIMES, apple manufacturers may ship 95million units in 2011. The report also predicts that the global tablet computer shipment this year will reach 65.2 million units Finally, there is the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of the tensile machine, of which Apple iPad can reach 40million, accounting for 61% of the market share. According to Bloomberg, the Kindle e-book sales of Amazon, the world's largest retailer, exceeded those of paper books for the first time. In july2010, e-book sales exceeded those of hardcover books. After January2010, e-book sales surpassed paperback books again. According to a survey conducted by benchmark, an American market research company, Amazon sold 8million Kindle readers in 2010. At present, Amazon ranks among the few enterprises that can mass produce cylindrical 811 high nickel batteries, accounting for 5% of the company's product sales

establish the idea that information service is king

in order to successfully realize the transformation, the traditional media must first transform from the concept and strategic positioning. First of all, it should be clear from the strategic positioning that it is actually engaged in the information service industry. The value chain of the information service industry mainly includes three links: front-end information provision, communication technology and media, back-end channels and operation. In order to provide high-quality, multi-level, multi-source and multi-channel information services for readers and audiences, and better meet the multi-level needs of readers and audiences, we must pay equal attention to the collection of content and the design of products, the selection of scientific and reasonable communication media, the selection of terminal channels, effective operation and scientific management, that is, we must pay equal attention to the collection and editing Operating and managing this iron triangle in media management. Therefore, in order to realize their own transformation, traditional media must establish the concept of "information service is king" and become a real information service provider, not just a content provider. To become an information service provider, we must provide consumers with true, accurate and effective information to meet the needs of different consumers, and also take appropriate channels to ensure effective arrival

for traditional media, information service should be the king: on the one hand, we should try our best to control as many information sources as possible, on the other hand, we should make full use of various technical means. Of course, the above two items are extremely difficult for the current traditional media, but only with the above two conditions can we achieve intelligent matching and real transformation

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