What are the characteristics of varnish

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Varnish is much cheaper than other paints. They are mainly used on the surfaces of furniture, wood floors, doors, windows and cars, so as to protect these objects from damage. If you add some other pigments to the varnish, it can form enamel

with the improvement of people's living standards, house decoration has also become the first thing people should do. The decoration of the house mainly includes the painting of the wall, the decoration of the ground and the selection of furniture. Varnish is the paint used in decoration, which plays an important role in decoration. Next, the editor will introduce what varnish is and its characteristics

what is varnish

varnish, mainly composed of resin and solvent, is a transparent light yellow paint with beautiful luster and easy molding. Now it is widely used in daily life. It is mainly applied on the surface of objects to protect objects. Its drying will not affect the original color of the original objects, but on the contrary, it can also play a good decorative role on objects

varnish is a kind of paint, which is composed of resin as the main film-forming material and solvent. Its main components are resin and solvent or resin, oil and solvent. Varnish, as the most important kind of paint in home decoration, has the characteristics of transparency, gloss, fast film formation, water resistance and so on. However, its disadvantage is that the film hardness is not high and the heat resistance is poor, which is easy to be affected by ultraviolet rays

characteristics of varnish

1. The transparency of varnish is high. After painting varnish in wooden furniture, you can see the lines of wood with varnish, which greatly increases the ornamental degree

2. The biggest advantage of varnish is that it does not contain volatile toxic substances. As long as the varnish is dry, it can be used immediately without waiting for the taste to dissipate

3. The varnish has good leveling property. I believe that friends who have painted and have seen painting know that there will be falling paint tears when painting, but it doesn't matter. When painting again, the paint tears will dissolve with the new paint, making the paint surface smooth and flat

4. Varnish has a good UV resistance effect. As long as the paint surface is complete, it can protect the wood wrapped by varnish for a long time. But at the same time, ultraviolet light will also turn the transparent varnish yellow

5. The hardness of varnish is not high, so it has a disadvantage that it is easier to get obvious scratches. Therefore, you should never wipe the furniture with varnish with something hard

6. The heat resistance of the varnish is poor, and overheating is easy to damage the paint film, resulting in easy influence by environmental factors

key points for varnish selection

1. Look at the packaging: the packaging is rough, the handwriting is fuzzy, the address and batch number are incomplete, and most of them are inferior or counterfeit goods

2. Look at the paint surface: you can look at the paint surface quality of the paint template. High quality paint has strong adhesion and hiding power

3. Weigh: lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a murmuring sound, it means that the packaging is seriously insufficient, the weight is less, the viscosity is too low, and the real materials of regular large factories are real, so you can hardly hear the sound

4. Choose a brand: it's best to buy some brand paint, because the paint itself is very toxic. If you buy some inferior products, it's even more toxic. Relatively speaking, brand products will be guaranteed in quality and environmental protection

5. Fixed dosage: when purchasing, you should also make a more accurate estimation of the dosage. When purchasing, you should buy enough at one time to avoid slight color difference in the paint you have purchased successively

function of varnish

varnish can be used for painting furniture, floors, doors and windows, cars, etc. It can also be made into enamel by adding pigments, or colored varnish by adding dyes. It is also used for making enamel and impregnating electrical appliances, and for fixing sketch sketches, gouache sketches, etc. it has a certain anti-oxidation effect and can prolong the storage time of sketches. Make the painted surface smooth and transparent, show the original texture of the object, and prevent oxidation and corrosion at the same time

editor's summary: that's all for what varnish is and its characteristics. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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