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On June 11, dinggu's "send a pair of sneakers to children - dinggu love hope road" public welfare activity was officially launched in Yunnan. A group of 28 volunteers went to Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong City to send brand-new sneakers and social care to the children of dinggu hope primary school

on June 11, dinggu's public welfare activity of "sending a pair of sneakers to children - dinggu's road of love and hope" was officially launched in Yunnan Province. A total of 28 volunteers, including Mr. Lin Xinda, chairman of Guangdong dinggu Jichuang home furnishing Co., Ltd., employees and dealers of dinggu company, representatives of China children's Charity Association and Sohu Focus home furnishing reporter, went to Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong City to send brand-new sports shoes and social care to the children of dinggu hope primary school

dinggu hope primary school in the distance

the site of the launching ceremony

dinggu hope primary school in Zhenxiong, Yunnan was originally "Qixin Yuanzi primary school". The school buildings of Qixin Yuanzi primary school have been in disrepair for years, and are in danger of collapse at any time. After learning about the situation, Mr. Lin Xinda, the chairman of dinggu, resolutely launched the company to raise funds and rebuilt dinggu hope primary school in Zhenxiong, Yunnan Province in 2009. This is also the first hope primary school donated by dinggu

speech by the representative of the children's Charity Association

Lin Xinda, chairman of dinggu, made a speech

although today's Zhenxiong dinggu hope primary school is one of the primary schools in the county with relatively perfect hardware and software facilities, the children's school conditions are still difficult. According to President sun, before the construction of the primary school, many children had to walk four or five hours to the Town Central Primary school every day. Now, the distance from children to hope primary school has been shortened a lot, but students far away from the school still need to walk two or three hours to get to the school every day

dinggu donated money again for school construction

volunteers distributed shoes, milk, etc.

Xu Jiajia, a third grade student, walked to school with his sister for more than two hours every day. When the reporter asked about the situation at home, Jiajia's eyes were red. It turned out that her mother had died, and the sisters lived with her grandmother. She hopes that volunteers can come back to school to see them in the future

poor student Xu Jiajia

Mr. Lin Xinda, the chairman of dinggu, personally teaches children

giving children a pair of sneakers is to make children better walk on the road to school, but also to make children grow up on the road of life with confidence. When the children in the city live a life of clothes and meals, many parents of these children living in the mountains work outside all year round and can only live with their elderly grandparents. Some children have taken on the responsibility of taking care of their own lives and taking care of their grandparents' daily lives at a young age. Many of them never dare to look directly at strangers, dare not speak loudly, rarely smile, and their childish faces are written with sadness

aware of this, volunteers also try their best to mobilize the enthusiasm of children and try to make more children participate in the interaction during the process of giving lessons to children

football match with children

in order to better understand the children, volunteers were also divided into four groups to visit the families of four poor students. Long Xiang, a fourth grade student visited by our group, is a typical introverted child. Long Xiang is very sensible. He took us to his house and finally sent us down the mountain, but he never saw his smile

at his home, we met his mother who had been ill for many years. According to the mother, there are three children in the family. The eldest is the third day of the new year. The second ranked primary school has dropped out of school before graduation. The livelihood of the family of five and the medical expenses of the mother depend on the father's work. Long Xiang's mother also told volunteers that Long Xiang was often blamed for playing, and she was worried that her child's academic performance was not good enough to become a talent in the future. Long Xiang told us that his ideal is to be a doctor and treat his mother when he grows up

visit poor students

poor student Long Xiang

came out of the home of poor children, and many volunteers couldn't help crying. Dinggu's chairman, Mr. Lin Xinda, also said that every home visit has brought him a huge shock. Some families have deviations in education for various reasons, which has caused great pressure on children, which is sad. Children in poor areas need not only material but also spiritual help. Because happiness does not come from material, but from the heart. To help children, we need social people to give more care, and caring people need to spend more time communicating with children, so as to pass more positive energy to children. At the same time, he promised that he would organize teachers of dinggu hope primary school to participate in the open class of "happy family", help teachers build a sense of happiness, and influence children's families through teachers, so as to establish a better growth environment for children

love is big or small, and the key is action. Here, we also call on more individuals and groups to join the loving team to send love and positive energy to children in poor areas





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