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There are so many kinds of suspended assembled floor brands. How should users choose and what should be paid attention to when choosing

I believe many customers know about the suspended assembled floor, which belongs to the combined sports floor. It is blocky and can be directly spliced and paved to the cement or asphalt foundation pavement. It does not need to use any glue for bonding, and it does not need auxiliary tools. It only needs to connect the buckle on the edge of the floor. Suspended assembled floor is convenient and flexible to install and disassemble, and has good performance of sports venues, so kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, outdoor sports centers and other places like to choose this kind of suspended assembled floor. Having said so much is just some advantages of suspended assembled flooring, but there are so many kinds of suspended assembled flooring brands on the market. How should users choose and what should be paid attention to when choosing? Next, the wing Chen flooring editor will share with you what you must know when choosing the suspended assembled floor:

when choosing the suspended assembled floor, you should first consider the function and positioning of the place of use, whether it is a sports ground or a leisure place, or whether it is a majority of adults or minors. The positioning of the place directly affects the softness and hardness of the suspended assembled floor. The soft suspended floor has good toughness, fall and bump resistance, It is more suitable for the playground of kindergartens; The rigid suspended floor has high hardness and strong elasticity, which is more suitable for professional sports venues. Therefore, we must know whether we should choose the soft suspended assembled floor or the hard suspended assembled floor

moreover, considering the weight of suspended assembled floor, the common suspended assembled floor weights in the market are 165 g/piece, 170 g/piece, 275 g/piece, 340 g/piece and other specifications with different grams of weight. The larger the weight of a single piece, the better the durability, and the higher the price. It is suggested that you should at least choose a suspended floor with a weight of more than 170 grams; If the use intensity of the site is high (such as a stadium or sports ground), it is recommended to choose a suspended floor with a weight of more than 275 grams; The suspended floor below 160g may have potential quality hazards, so we are not recommended to choose it, which must also be understood

of course, the grain and size of suspended assembled floor must also be understood. What kind of grain is anti-skid and wear-resistant depends on the surface texture, such as single-layer meter lattice pattern and double-layer meter lattice pattern. The thickness of the single-layer meter lattice suspended floor is about 1.2cm, which is more suitable for non professional sports venues such as ordinary sports venues, kindergartens and so on; The thickness of the double-layer meter lattice pattern is about 1.5cm, and the ball has stronger rebound and friction, which is more suitable for high-intensity sports venues. In terms of size, it is also divided into two types: 25cm*25cm*1.2cm and 30.48cm*30.48cm*1.5cm (length, width and thickness). 30.48cm*30.48cm is 1 foot. Foreign customers prefer this type. The effect and pattern of suspended assembled floor assembled in a regular size site will be more beautiful

the above is what you must know when choosing the suspended assembled floor. I'll share it here with you. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about sports flooring, please pay attention to Yichen flooring





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